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EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish not for profit organisation supporting local projects across the world. Our Volunteer Abroad programme involves living, working and making a difference in a local community while learning about a new culture and gaining a new perspective on global and development issues. We offer flexible and varied voluntary work opportunities all year round. Our volunteers are supported by highly qualified in-country staff with years of experience in intercultural exchanges and in supporting international volunteers.

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EIL Volunteers are all over the world right now! Read some of their stories like Vicky McMahon in India or Suzanne O'Mahony in Ecuador

Volunteer Abroad News

Just a quick update while I can. Arrived here last Friday and this place has been nothing less than amazing, like I’ve never lived this close to a beach and the Pacific is quite a nice ocean to be
This will unfortunately be a much shorter blog than my last two! I currently have 35 minutes left of internet to write my blog and upload a few photos! Thursday and Friday the 17th and 18th of July
Well, we have more and more babies coming every day here at Dekamar. What started with just one nest and a handful of baby turtles has turned into hundreds already. There are approximately 375 nests
“…we don´t need a Church imposed from outside which knows nothing of hunger. We recognize that the system has wanted to impose on us: to divide us and keep the poor dormant. So we take some things
I’m fast approaching the two week mark and so far it is just flying by. But the reason behind it has been that everyday has been brilliant so far. Every day we are doing something different and I