Volunteer Abroad

EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish not for profit organisation supporting local projects across the world. Our Volunteer Abroad programme involves living, working and making a difference in a local community while learning about a new culture and gaining a new perspective on global and development issues. We offer flexible and varied voluntary work opportunities all year round. Our volunteers are supported by highly qualified in-country staff with years of experience in intercultural exchanges and in supporting international volunteers.

Find out more about our approach to short term international volunteering.

EIL Volunteers are all over the world right now! Read some of their stories like Vicky McMahon in India or Suzanne O'Mahony in Ecuador

Volunteer Abroad Videos

Here is just a taster of my Tuesday and Friday mornings in the beautiful Mexico City. The children are amazing and so...
I visited the BEAUTIFUL pyramids in Teotihuacán and then visited the fabulous city of Real Del Monte. VISIT!!
Mexico City... I have NOT been abducted by the drug cartel, the people do not walk around with sombreros drinking only...
Me and Eileen made this little movie of our two weeks in Oaxaca. As you can see, I'm not great with the camera but we...
Niamh and I living it up on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Volunteer Abroad News

Hola from Mexico with my first blog! It has been nearly eight weeks since I started my journey in Mexico and my return to rainy Ireland is fastly approaching. The time has flown by! So, where do I
July 17th I received a letter in the post today which I wrote to myself at the pre-departure EIL course in Dublin on December 7th. ‘I have just completed the days volunteering information day and I’m
April 22nd Through my enthusiastic engagement with the programme, I improved my Spanish immeasurably and also gained a deep insight into the realities of living in Argentina. I found it incredibly
April 2nd (Malvina’s Veteren’s day) April 2nd is a public holiday day in Argentina in memory of the veterans and the fallen of the Malvinas war. The issue over the ownership of the Malvinas or
March 17th Here in Cordoba is where I took part in my volunteering program. It was a nutritional support programme affiliated to a paediatric hospital in the suburbs of the city. The attendees of the