Wow Deutschland!!

This is the class that I will b in for the next two months!!!! Alles die Schlurin in meine neue Klasse sind sehr nett!!!Tag!! Well I can now officially say that I am definately settled into life in Deutschland!! Am Montag ist es meine vierten Woche in Schule. Manchmal Schule ist ein bisschen schwer aber Jeden Tag, Ich verstande mehr. Hoffentlich, am ende die zwei Monate, Ich verstande alles!! I am really enjoying school and I have met so many nice people that I hope I will stay in contact with when I go back to Ireland!! :) When I find something difficult or hard to understand, there is always someone there to help me out. Alles Schlurin sind sehr sehr nett!! :)

Wir haben viele Schnee und Eis!! Ich muss mit dem Fahrrad zur Schule gehen!! When it was very icey I fell and sprained my wrist!! es tut mir so weh!! I couldnt believe it,not even a month here and I have already had an accident!! Ich bin nicht gut mit dem Fahrrad in der Eis und Schnee!! Aber jetzt es ist besser. :) Thank god we no longer have any snow so hopefully that means I will have no more accidents!! Its raining here all the time now, so it really feels like Ireland!! Theres just no escaping rain! :) 

When we had all the snow and ice, we went to the Nörd See (North Sea) and it was full of ice, you could actually walk on it, Unglaublich!!! The ice was so bad that the ships could not get out to the islands that are near the coast!! this for me was amazing as someting like that would not happen in Ireland!! It was so cold when we went to the North Sea, -10!! aber jetzt es ist nur 7. ich denke das ist viel besser!!

I have also met some of my Gastfamilie friends and relatives. last week I met some of their friends that were stayig over for a few days and this week I met their grandparents. Alles Leute sind sehr nett und sprechen nicht so schnell Deutsch!! Ich verstande manchmal viel und manchmal nur ein bisschen aber das ist ok.

For one of the english classes that we had this week, I had to do a presentation on words that irish people say. everyone in my class couldnt believe all the wierd words we had for things such as craic and howya. it was so funny to listen to them trying to say all the words!! :) I sappose they feel the same when I am talking German to them!! Aber, Ich denke das jetzt mein Deutsch ist viel besser!!

Am Freitag, Ich gehe zum Bowling mit Lara und ihre Mutti. Wir haben viel spaß. I even won a game!! Am Samstag, wir gehen zum eine turnshow denn Hauke war in die show!! It was amazing!! One of the best things I have ever seen. But it wasnt without some drama!! During Haukes routine, one of the other boys fell and had to go to hospital! Nicht schön.

Danach denn turnshow, Lara und Ich gehen zum Geburtstag Party!! One of the girls in my class turned 16. Wir gehen mit dem Fahrrad....aber viele Regen!! We got soaked. Es war sehr lustig! Luckily it was a fancy dress party and we had to change our clothes!! :) I had so much fun at this party as I got to know everyone in my class a lot better!! Der war viele Deutsches Lied!! Sehr sehr Lustig!! :)  Then when the party was over, Lara and I had to cycle back home!!!

Heute, Lara und Ich gehen zum Kino. Ich denke das für mich das ist sehr gut! Hoffentlich, Ich verstande viel. Aber, if i undersatnd nu ein bisschen, i would be very happy. Every night we either watch ein Film oder T.V. auf Deutsch und das ist sehr gut. Jeden Abend; ich verstande ein bisschen mehr and I realy think that by watching everything auf Deutsch, it is really helping me to hear what certain words should sound like and I also learn alot of new words in this way!! Und das ist sehr gut!! :)

Once again I would like to thank EIL for this amazing opportunity. This has so fair been the best four weeks of my life. From the seminar in Wiesbaden, meeting my host family, going to school for the first time and just experencing this wonderful new country, I dont know whats the best. If it wasnt for EIL I would have never gotten this opportunity, so Vielen Dank!! :) Also if anyone reading this, is considering going abroad to another country, I would without a doubt recommend it!! Trust me its amazing!

Ich habe viel spaß in Deutschland und ich hoffe das der nächste fünf Woche ist besser!! (und mein Deutsch auch!!)

Well thats all my adventures in Germany for now, until next time :)


Emma <3