Meine Erste Woche in Deutschland!

Wow what a week!!! I can't believe I'm saying this but at last I am in Germany und Ich liebe Deutschland!! I can hardly believe that one week has already passed. It has gone by so quickly and I have loved every minute.

On Tuesday 24th January I flew into Frankfurt where I was met by two lovely gentlemen called Herman and Martin who worked for experiment ev. We then had to wait on a girl from brazil called Melanie who actually turned out to be sharing my room when we got to the seminar in Weisbaden. I met so many people from all over the world and I know I have made some great friends for life. There were people from new Zealand, Colombia,Korea, Brazil,USA and Italy and also another girl from Ireland. We had so much fun at this seminar. I loved every minute if it!!

On the second day we were split into small groups and Herman was our team leader. In my group was Danna and Camilla from Colombia Joshua from the USA and Dohymund from Korea. Our task was to go out in Weisbaden and swap an egg for something better. We went all over the town into shops asked people on the street to swap with us. First we swaped the egg for a lighter then a bookmark then back to a lighter then on to flowers and finally some Christmas decorations. It was one of the best things I have ever done and it really relaxed me with speaking german. We had great fun but unfortunately my team did not win as one of the other teams got a working phone.

On the last night in Weisbaden we had a talent show with each person doing something from playing the piano to making a human pyramid. I decided to do my Irish dancing and it went down a treat. After the talent show we had a mini disco and the guys and girls from Colombia showed us how to salsa!! I will never forget my time in Weisbaden it was amazing Es war Klasse!!!

On Saturday I made the seven hour train journey to meine Gast Familie in Aurich. Die Reise war sehr sehr Lange!! I had stopovers in Mainz,Munster and Leer. When I got to my family I was so excited as they were amazing so lovely and I am having a great time with them. So far I have been on a pony, ice skating on a frozen lake and shopping. I also went to see my host brother in a soccer blitz and to gymnastics and every night we watch a film in german and this is really helping with my language skills.

On Wednesday I had my first day at school and it was great. Ich bin auf dem 10 Klasse und Ich habe viele neue Freunden! Am Ersten Tag, Ich Lerne Sport, Mathe und Kunst and sometimes I find it hard to understand the teachers as sie sprechen sehr schnell Deutsch aber meine neue Freunden hilfst Mir. Sie sind sehr nett!!! I hope that in the coming weeks my german will continue to get better and when I come back to Ireland I will be amazing!!!! Even in the last few days I am finding things are getting easier and that's only in one week imagine eight!!!!!

Well that's all for now I promise to keep you updated with my further adventures in the coming weeks.

Bid Bald!!

Emma <3