Just before I go!!

Only one more day left and then I will be starting my adventures in Germany!! :D Im so excited, I cant wait! I have all my bags packed and Im ready to go. I still cant believe that I was lucky enough to recieve this scholarship from EIL. Its the trip of a lifetime and Im delighted that EIL have given me this opportunity and for that I would like to sincerely thank them. Zwei Monaten in Deutschland. Klasse!!

I will be staying with a host family in North Garmany for the duration of my trip and I am looking forward to getting to know so much more about them and their home country. Since I have recieved this scholarchip from EIL I have been in regular contact with the family. They have made me feel really welcome and I cant wait to finally meet them in person. However, before I meet the family that I will be staying with, I must go to an orintation course in Frankfurt. I am really looking forward to going there as I will get to meet some other students from around the world that will be doing the same thing as me.:)

A couple of months ago, I went to a pre-departure workshop with EIL and I got to meet loads of other students that were going all around the world. I was also lucky enough to meet Bríd, another girl that was going to Germany just like me. It was great to meet so many other people that were doing the same thing as me. The pre-departure workshop really helped me to realise that it was ok to be a little bit nervous about going to a new country for the first time. It also gave me great advice on what to do if I ever felt upset while over there.    

Ich freue mich auf die Reise nach Deutschland und wenn die Schule beginnt!! I am really excited to meet lots of new people that I hope can become friends for life. I am also really looking forward to improving my German language skills. I have been learning German for three and a half years and I always wanted to be given the opportunity to do something like this, so once again Vielen Dank EIL!! :)

I will be posting blogs regularly to share all of my adventures from Germany and I will try to add as may photos as I can!! Ich hoffe meine Reise wird etwas das Ich nicht vergessen!! :D

Bis zum nähsten Mal

Emma <3