Back in Ireland!!

Hello from Ireland!!! So its hard to believe its been almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS since I have been in Germany!! It really feels like only yesterday that I was having the time of my life on my exchange to a secondary school in Germnay. I can honestly say that I had the best experience on my exchange and if I could go back in the morning for another eight weeks I would! :D I made so many friends in the 10th Grade and had such an amazing time with my host family they really made me feel at home (and of course not to forget the great friends I made in the seminar in Wiesbaden on the first few days)

The last week in Germany was occupied by packing my bags hoping and praying that they would not be to heavy!!!! and also by saying goodbye to everyone. This was really hard for me. I knew that I was going to miss everyone and Germany so so much!! :(

On my last day in my school Gymnassium Ulrichannum my class 10a decided to have a little party for me to say goodbye. So that meant that the last day was filled with eating sweets, saying goodbye to teachers and more importantly saying goodbye to all my friends. In the last lesson my class gave me a present :D It was a book with all their pictures and contact details, they said it was an easy way for me not to loose contact with any of them they also gave me a scarf with the german flag on it, so i wouldnt forget where I went!! :P

It was so sad saying goodbye to my class that day everyone was crying, including me!! All week I told my friends that I wouldnt cry but they told me that I would and I guess they were right!!!

As I was flying from Hamburg on Sunday we stayed in Bremen with my host familys grandparents on the Saturday as we would not have to get up as early and Maite (my youngest host sister) wouldnt have to get up and could stay with her grandparents. It was nice to stay with them on the last night as I had met them before and it was good to be able to say goodbye to them aswell.

Then came Sunday, the day that I would be going home to Ireland!! We got up early and got the train to Hamburg (as it was quicker then the car) Saying goodbye to my host family at the airport was hard and of course we all cried, ONCE AGAIN!!! (I think thats the most Ive ever cried in one week)

It was really good though because at the airport I met up with Ciara (the other girl from Wiesbaden) and we got to sit beside each other on the journey home, giving us loads of time to have a catch up and share German stories!!!

Then it came we landed in Dublin and ran up to get our bags as quickly as possible, then we saw our families for the first time in TWO MONTHS!!!!!! My little sister had a big poster saying "Welcome Home Emma" it was so lovely. it was great to be able to see my family again.

I am still in regular contact with my host family and friends from school in Germany so my German is constantly improving!! Its really good! :D Im still sometimes talking to my friends and family back in Ireland in GERMAN!! Ist really funny.

For the last time THANK YOU SO MUCH EIL!!!! I have absolutly loved German and I would go back in the morning!! Seriously anybody even thinking about going on an exchange should just do it! It is something that I will talk about for a long time, it will never leave my mind!!!

My trip to Germany is something I will never forget!!! :D

For the last time

Emma <3