Germany Deutschland 2011 <3 Pre-Departure Blog

Only 4 more days here in Ireland and then I'm off to Germany for 59 days, where I''ll be living with a German family and attending a German Secondary school (Gymnasium). I actually can't wait. I'm as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come with presents! Wie die Zeit vergeht! Nur noch vier Tage bis Deutschland! Ich kann kaum erwarten und ich bin total aufgeregt. :D Ich werde insgesamt 59 Tage in Deutschland verbringen.

Hoffentlich werde ich viel spass haben, mein Deutschkenntnisse verbessern, die Deutsche Kultur kennenlernen und naturlich viele Freundinnen winnen. Ich freue mich sehr darauf! Es wird eine tolle Erfahrung sein :) Vielen Dank EIL <3

I'm really looking forward to meeting my host family, starting my new school, improving my German and experiencing the German culture and way of life. I've been in regular contact with my host sister and although we havn't yet met in person, she has welcomed me to her family, she is really friendly and we actually have a good bit in common :O :D

I'm a bit nervous about travelling on my own for the first time but that's normal and is just part of the experience. Sure, if I get lost or need help, all I have to do is ask! I was also quite worried about not being able to communicate properly or people not being able to understand what I'm trying to tell them. But now, after the pre-departure workshop, I realise that nobody is going to expect me to speak perfect German at first and that I'll learn from the mistakes I'll make. Afterall, the first time I spoke to my host sister on the phone, my word order was messed up in places but she still managed to understand what I was trying to say. Since that phone call, we have been in touch via facebook/email and my German grammar has improved immensely and I've even learned a couple of new phrases along the way :) I cant imagine how much I'll improve when I'll be constantly exposed to the language.

I'd like to thank EIL for giving me the opportunity to take part in the Secondary School Abroad Programme. It's a chance of a lifetime and a dream come true!! I really love the German language and would go as far as saying that learning German is one of my favourtite passtimes. Since I began to learn the language 3 years ago, I've wanted to take part in a programme like this as I believe that there is only so much you can learn from books and that living with a German family is the best way for me to improve my fluency in the language. I'll be sure to make the most of the 8 weeks! :D

Bis hoffentlich bald,

Brid x <3