1 month in Germany <3

Brid made many new friends in Germany on her 2 month exchange programme. Here she is with friends sampling the typical teenage treat of German chocolate. Brid sticking her tongue out!Guten Tag! :D I find it hard to believe that I'm here 1 month. The time is flying and I'm enjoying every minute of my time here. I've really settled in with my family. I feel right at home to be honest. School is getting better and better by the day. 3 weeks ago I knew nobody, I could hardly understand a word my teachers were saying, I was unable to do my homework and I was almost afraid to speak incase I made a mistake. (stupid ehh?) I learned quickly that it's better to make mistakes and learn from them than being afraid to speak. What other way was I suppossed to learn. 3 weeks later, I have many new friends, I'm able to understand what my teachers are saying, I'm able to do most of my homework (well I try my best), I have the confidence to speak and am no longer afraid about making mistakes. When I dont know a word, I try my best to describe it. yesterday for eg. I hurt my toe. I didn't know the word for toe so I said "meine Füße Finger tut weh(my foot's finger hurts)!" It was quite funny and I made a fool of myself, but I learned the word for toe :P The school here is very different to my school at home but I like it.I love the way, school finishes early here (1.15/3.15). You have more time to relax, do hobbies and evern do homework and study. I've noticed that here in Germany, pupils don't get as much written homework as we do, and they don't have to learn as much off by heart. There is more emphasis on oral work (even in subjects like history, maths etc). The students rarely have to change classroom as the teachers come to us. We get regular breaks. There is a 5min. break between every class and a 15min break every 2nd class. At first I loved not having to wear a uniform, but the novelty is slowly wearing off. It's so hard to decide what to wear in the mornings :P. I find it really intersesting the way they learn English here.

People over here, have a genuine interest in the Irish culture. Some people seem to be surprised that not all Irish have red hair and drink Guinness for breakfast. My sister here, finds hurling pretty cool. I promised her that when she comes to visit me, she can join my local team. She's also interested in the Irish language, so I taught her´"cupla focail". She's a pure natural! In return for teaching her Irish, she taught me some German tongue twisters. Now I know the proper definition of tongue twisters, because they are litteraly IMPOSIBLE to say.

I don't know why, but many Irish people say that German food is disgusting, without evern tasting it. (I was once one of those people). I've tried so many new things since I arrived here and the only thing that I can say I don't like is...... The tea.

 THe first weekend here with my family , we went to Cuxhaven by the North Sea. The tide was out sooo far, (3.5km) that we were able to take a horse and carraige to a nearby island (Insel Neuwerk). We did a tour of the island, and played in the sand. By evening time, the tide had come in, and the water level was soo high that we had to return to the mainland by ship. It was such an enjoyable day. The next weekend I went to "Hamburg-Theatre Nacht" with my sister and her friend. It was my first time in Hamburg, my first time at a ballet, my first time at an opera and my first time at an improvisation. It was a great experience and I'd love to do it again. That thursday, I went ´to the cinema (Kino) and saw Freunde mit Gewissen Vorzüge (I think friendships with benefits in English). Surprisingly I was able to understand it and it was soooo funny. Last Saturday I went to Hamburg again. This time, we went to Hamburg Hafen (the port) and did a boat tour of the port. NEVER in my life did I see so many different types of ships and so many big ships. Every ship I saw was bigger than the previous one. One ship, was over 400m long and could carry more than 12,000 containers :O after that we went to the Reeperbahn, where I got pretty cool souveniers, saw Hamburg's Rathaus, and then went to "Build a Bear" where I made a bear with a German football Jeresy. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, as I'm going to my friends house

One of the most common questions people ask me is "do I feel homesick". I can honestly say, most of the time no, because I'm so busy doing things, having fun, enjoying the experience and I know that I'll get to see family and friends again. However, the day I got my Junior Cert Results I was quite homesick.  My parents sounded so proud of me on the phone that it made me miss them and want to see them again. It also felt strange, that while I was at school doing Maths and Physics, the rest of my friends were celebrating. The next day results day was over, homesickness gone and everything back to normal. It was quite strange.

Last week I was talking to a girl who read my last Blog. She asked me what's it like to do an exchange as she's thinking about doing one. I can honestly say than in the past month, my German has come on leaps and bounds! I'm beginning to think in the language and sometimes I speak German (accidently) to my family at home.. I understand more than I ever could have imagined and am able to have a decent conversation with others. If you like/love the German language,want to improve your German or  learn about the German culture, this programme (in my opinion) is the best way to go about it. You'll make many new friends, will always have contacts in Germany and it's DEADLY CRAIC!

I've done so much since my last blog, and find so many things about the Germany and the German culture great, that it's impossible to fit it all into a blog. I could almost write a book.

 bis hoffentlich bald! 

Brid :)