Looking Back on a Wonderful Experience

It’s hard to know where to begin here, my time in the land of the rising sun has changed everything for me, I knew things would change for me but I was unaware of how different things would seem when I returned,  you can go away easy, but can you ever really return home again?

That’s the feeling predominant in my mind as I try to settle back into life in this little tiny island far from any significance it is hard not to think of that incredible place, the people even the food (which I have been wholeheartedly converted to)

Yes it has made me different, I don’t wear shoes in houses anymore and I brush my teeth quite often now, beyond that, the world just seems that little bit smaller and maybe things that seemed so big and important before suddenly have much less significance to me. Despite a slight initial existential crisis when I returned I have once again established my personal identity! Hurray!

As for the future and what the trip has done to change that, well Japan definitely has a place in my future. That’s not a place you can just go to once and not have to return to, you are compelled to return.     Fortunately there are ways to get back there in the not too distant future that I will consider more when I am closer to it! If I could just buy a little patch of land and become a rice farmer and help my traditional Japanese wife raise the kids so they can go to the best universities that would just be ideal really ;) Also I feel a much bigger determination to get out and travel even more then before, all cultures and walks of life you can experience can only make you a better person and you can adopt those cultures you find interesting and nice and create a hybrid superculture, bridging all the gaps that make everyone hate each other and eventually unifying the world under the common banner of rainbows and unicorns. Well that is overly idealistic but you get the concept.

This probably seems like a pretty extreme change to happen to someone’s life plan in only 6 weeks in a country, but hey its Japan, that’s an extreme country.

And what a place it is, I’m honestly quite surprised they aren’t ruling the world, they work hard enough to be.  To think the country has gone from being almost entirely destroyed in the 20th century to now being one of the economic powerhouses of the world is astounding, except it isn’t, if you saw the psyche of the Japanese people you’d realise that this nations success and continued success is down to the hard work and dedication of a population that are proud of their nation. I have very little pride in being an Irish person, something that hit me hard when I returned home, but I don’t want to be a cynic about it, cynics are just whiny jerks who don’t do anything except complain,  I want to make it better, or try anyway.

Anyway in summary, life changing, definitely will go back, love green tea and eating fish raw now. 

Thanks EIL, I’ll never be the same hope I can put the experience to good use.