I think they`re talking about me

So its week 1 over of my japanese adventure I have aptly titled this blog post to represent my initial confusion and difficulty adjustig to (I`m still adjusting) Japan when I arrived、At first I was like "Oh what the hell have I gotten myself into, I`m Halfway across the planet and I barely Speak the language" and actually, well no I still feel like that, but less dramatically. my first impression was getting off the plane and waiting at the baggage area, the people were bowing to each other and saying things and I was caught in this massive onslaught of bowing Japanese people, I would have understood this had we flown with Ryanair because its the natural reaction to surviving a flight with them but we did not, obviously since then bowing and saying things I`ve realised is a very common aspect of japanese culture! The house I live in couldn`t be anymore traditionally japanese, 300 years old with the usual tatami mats, futons, sliding paper doors, etc. I sleep in what I like to call the samurai room, its a room with samurai stuff in it. The garden out the back is so beautiful and we`re nestled in the foothills of some rather large mountains, I`ve already been running several times in the mountains and its very scenic. Better talk about school a little, its very different, really Ireland and Japan are worlds apart, but only in the way that many of the little things in life that all culminate to produce massive differences, school however is a different thing completely, they work hard, very hard, everyday, rain or shine the sporteams and music and drama clubs are practising, I`m in the brass band and can attest that weekly its over 30 hours of practise, thats on top of the school day, they practise 9-5 on the weekend (there doesn`t seem to be a concept of "day off" here, so needless to say for lazy irish me, its been very difficult adjusting, however the students have been very welcoming, especially the girls ;) I`m exotic in this country, always asked if I have a girlfriend and all the girls saying their available!! I was told they would be shy!! I`ve been to the onsen and done traditional japanese sushi as well, very interesting insight into the culture and I highly recommend it, onsen isn`t as scary as you might think, well if you dont` mind showing off your bits, okay thats it, in a rush, this isnt my computer, the caps lock doesnt even work, but I make do because its probably a cultural difference.... maybe. regards cian hopefully more soon, when more stuff happens