Just a little Ketchup (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

Righto... So I guess I gotta say sorry. Sorry I've been having too much fun to write blogs. It's been two weeks since I posted and dear lord a lot has happened. I certainly wont fit it all into one detailed blog so here's the plan: In this wee blog I will tell you briefly all the things I've gotten up to in the last 2 weeks and I will write another blog (promise) where I will talk more about some of the things in more gory detail :D

However if there is something in particular I don't say enough about, just leave me a little comment saying so! :)

Also! I got my CF card reader which means that I can now upload all my lovely photos frommy DSLR. So the photos are on there way! I just can't upload right now as I'm using an hour of free student internet in a cafe yokey.

Ok, down to business,

  • Kami Suwa JNR High- gave the ENTIRE school a presentation on Ireland using my photos and had them singing "Tir na nOg" along with me. There was also a public proposal... yes infront of everyone. -_-
  • Last day at Kami Suwa JNR High. I got quite emotional (unusual for me!)
  • Started Seiryo High School and joined Kendo Club.
  • Tanabata festival -did Zazen meditation. Wonderful and a fantastic experience... but oh so painful!
  • A less than successful scone making session with the neighbours. Tasted like scones even if they didn't really look like them.
  • Same day, was showered in gifts. My host grandmother bought me a beautiful Yukata (Summer Kimono) will upload those pics soon.
  • Fuji-san! We went to see Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately it was a peep show rather than the full monty due to cloud.
  • We spent that day also going to a kimono museum, a doll's house with amazing life like japanese dolls and a tea ceremony. Also the Musical Forest and an outdoor market surrounded by fields of lavender.
  • We went to see a monkey show. I'll talk more about this later.
  • I went almost every evening to Tamao-san's house (a neighbour). She teaches english conversation and helps children with school work. I went along to help out and just to chat to the students in English.
  • I went on the Hop! (Gasp!!) About 40-50 students from Seiryo High School all mitched off school to go support the Seiryo baseball team in a match. I was surprised, I had a FANTASTIC time.
  • Gave another presentation on Ireland to my english class. They haven't heard of James Joyce or Liam Neeson or Bono but they know Enya?! What is the world coming to? :P I fixed the musical end of this problem however as a few of them are now listening to Snow Patrol and the likes.
  • Went out to a Canadian style steak house. Was amazed to find that Canadians serve a bowl of rice with their steak... ;)
  • At the behest of Orlaith (last year's EIL Japan lady) I went on the hop (again!) but this time in search of a working ATM. Oh the trauma the banks of Japan have caused me...
  • Last emotional day with the Ogawas (my first host family). We went to a Maki Mori, Famous Japanese Soprano Concert which was phenomonal and then went for eel afterwards.
  • Moved to Miyasakas (my next host family). They live up in the mountains in a village called Haramura and I'm already in love with them all! It's now my third day with them. I plan to write a post soon on my time with the Ogawas and a little update on the Miyasakas.

Please notice that these are only some of the main points about the last little while. So much more has happened that I simply cannot write about because I would never finish! Anywhoo, will write in detail about some of these really soon! Just wanted to let you all know that I am indeed alive and well and that JAPAN ROCKS.

Over and out!

Lauren :)