Thunder, Lightening and Flip Flops!

It's one o'clock in the morning. I'm sitting in the bomb site that has become my bedroom. I'm pretty certain I just heard thunder so I am currently hiding beneath my duvet! Over the last few hours it's been pack the suit case, unpack the suitcase, pack again, decide I have to repack, miscount how many socks I have, recount and pack again only to decide I never liked those socks anyway.

I have to admit, the idea that in approx. 60 hours I'll be in Japan hasn't fully hit me yet. Sitting here looking out at the typical Irish rain makes me feel very much like not moving from my bedroom for the rest of the Summer. But on the other hand... JAPAN! And when it's stay in bed all day or go to Japan, Japan wins outright.

You may be wondering why "Flip Flops" are in the title of this blog post, well it's because I'm wearing Flip Flops currently. It's Japanese custom to take off your "outdoor" shoes as you enter a house and slip on a pair of slippers or sandals. Unfortunately my sandals are the kind with the big uncomfortable bar separating the big toe from the others, because of this I'm wearing them so hopefully my big toe will change shape to fit it!

I leave for Japan on the 23rd (Saturday, Eeeep!) but the pre-workshop is on the 22nd in Cork so there are probably some really important things I'll be told about in Cork that means I'll have to repack my suitcase for the 7th time. Oh well! :)

I guess I should go hit the hay because tomorrow's my last proper day in Dublin and I still have loaaads to do!

Jamata! Slán! Agus Oíche Mhaith Agaibh :)