The Grass Is Always Greener...

I am writing (or wrote, as you might see from the date this was posted on. I wrote it on Monday afternoon, a few hours before arriving in Chicago. I'm going to keep this blog in the present tense regardless, as it was supposed to be written pre-departure.) This blog is being written 30,000 feet over America. I'd like to apologize in advance for my tardyness in getting it written in the first place, but I had no time - honestly! Yesterday was a flurry of preparation: photocopied passports, ironed clothes, double and then triple-packed bags: all the usual odds and ends associated with a transcontinental trip. I swear, by the time 6 o'clock came around, I was deadbeat. I would think of one thing, like finding some piece of clothing to put in my case, and as soon as I went to do it, I would forget what I was meant to be doing! Maybe I'm just as dozy all the time, but I hope not haha.

The last week has also gone by in a blur as well. I finished my Leaving Cert on Monday 18th (It went well, thanks for asking!), and straight away, I was preparing for the journey which I am on as I write this blog. I took an 11 hour bus journey to Cork on Thursday to the pre-departure workshop in the Metropole Hotel, which was great. Thanks to Anton, Jen, Kevin, and all the other supervisors. Particular thanks to Marika, Fiona, Alan, and all the staff at EIL - I owe you all more than I can repay! Meeting the other travel award winners at the workshop was amazing too, and of course meeting Ryan Gibbons, a Vermont veteran who I'd already met at the interviews, was great. :D

A fellow traveller (Sonja) put me and another winner (Megan) up in her house in West Cork while the workshop was on, which was a lifesaver. Many thanks, Sonj :) I went back up the road (or more accurately, railroad) to Dublin on Saturday morning, and from there got my bus back to Donegal. I was very happy to come home; as they say in Irish, níl aon thintean mar do thintean feín - There's no hearth like your own hearth. :)

To be honest, it all seems a bit surreal now, looking out the window at the boundless sea of cloud that stretches as far as the eye can see. I suppose I'd better mention that I love flying! The sheer miraculousness of a giant metal cylinder with wings bolted on the sides, taking... wing, simply astounds me. But anyways. Returning to the "sea of cloud", somewhere at the bottom of that sea is the School for International Training, Brattleboro: We should arrive there in 6-7 hours, and promptly sleep like babies (This prediction came true... I slept like a log last night!), as we have been awake half of Sunday (Irish time), and now more than half of Monday. But the excitement of travelling keeps me awake. I just stole another glance out the window: the scale of things 30,000 feet up never fails to amaze me!

Until my next blog, dear Reader! (The coming Sunday, all going well :D)
Adh mór!