Guess who`s back

Okay, I admit it; This post is SHAMEFULLY late. I do apologise, but  A) I`ve been having far to much fun to even consider sitting still in front of a computer, and B) I`ve been trying to avoid English as much as possible!

Rebecca Bourke, 2009 Travel Award winner to Japan, making new friends at school.First of all, I should probably explain where I am. Any of you reading this probably know that I was lucky enough to win the Japan Trip last summer, and I can honestly say that it completely erased any unpleasant memories of the dreaded L.C. When I think of sixth year, all that comes to mind are those six fantastic weeks I spent in Suwa. I`m happy to report that I am still in touch with various people I met over there (host family, school friends, etc.), and I`ve been keeping up my language skills by writing/e-mailing in Japanese. HOWEVER, it`s not quite the same as being in the country, is it?

The truth is that I haven`t been able to get Japan out of my mind since I came back last August; the places I saw, things I learned, and, first and foremost, the people I met. I`m not a great advocate of the `if you can`t beat em` join em`` approach to life - but it does apply in certain situations. Japan was never going to come to me, and thus here I am: Tokyo, baby!

Jealous yet?

EIL offer a home-stay programme in Tokyo that lasts for four weeks, and I`d be lying if I said I haven`t bee eying it throughout the year, and let me tell you something: it`s even better than it looks on the website!

Now, there is now way I can possibly describe all I have seen and done in the past four weeks (unless I decide to make a career out of this blog), but I can tell you that it has been spectacular. I hope to make some more entries over the next few days (and more when I get home and actually have time on my hands) detailing what I`ve been up to. I will tell you that it involves one amazing host family, four very interesting weeks of Japanese Language School, copious amounts of sun-cream, indulgent quantities of food, my still-improving-but-nowhere-near-good Japanese, crowded trains, breath-taking views, and hilarious miss-communications. Perhaps I`m sugar-coating it a bit, but as I face my final day of school tomorrow the only though that comes to mind is: NO! DO NOT WANT!

More to follow, promise ;)