My 6 months 'en France'

Well I’ll start with my arrival...

Friday 7th January:
A person from CEI (partner organization) collected me from CDG, Paris (arrivals)... They accompanied me and the other students doing the same program, they brought us to the train station and boarded us on the train. Then after about an hour we arrived at our destination! I met my Host family at the train station on the other side, they were very excited to receive me! I admit that I was really nervous about meeting my host family and going to school but I felt so welcomed immediately...

Monday 10th January:
First day of school, I really was nervous about this day, but It went really well, The students in my class were so welcoming and open armed to me...Not really what I had expected. I made a few friends on the first day and its been up all the way now! In the evenings I’m so tired, just listening and translating all day takes all of your energy, so be prepared!

Tuesday 8th March:
Writing this blog from school. Now I’m here just over 2 months and I’ve got almost 4 to go but, I really look forward to it...I’m finally understanding what is going on, and my French has got so much better...I can understand most conversations now, and its just getting better as I learn more.

I'll try to write soon,