Workshop Kits

Main Features

EIL and the Development Education Committee want to inspire global citizenship by raising awareness about global issues.

We run two global issues workshops each year and put lots of time and effort into developing and testing these resources. 

This year, we want to share these resources with you!

Workshop Kit Power and EqualityEquality Workshop Kit

EIL Workshop Kits will support you in your journey to inspire global justice by raising awareness becoming a development education multiplier working for global justice!

EiL’s mission is “ To enrich lives, promote understanding of other cultures and inspire global citizenship through cultural immersion programmes and experiential learning” for this reason all of our past and present participants and staff get together for Network Weekends to explore global issues and take action!

The materials and activities in each kit are trialed and tested by the Development Education Committee at the EIL Network Weekend's twice wach year. The first test is on the 29th of November 2014.

The Development Education Committee, with the support of the Development education coordinator, developed all the materials. 

Download the pdf of the workshop kit and take action in your community!!

Workshop support is available from the Development Education Coordinator at EIL Intercultural learning. If you have any queries email [email protected]