How long is a program?

The length of the program is determined by your needs. We can design a program from one week to a number of weeks or months.


What kind of accommodation can be arranged?

All types of accommodation options are available. We can arrange 3 or 4 star hotels, youth hostels, university accommodation and have a wide network of carefully selected host families


Will my group have a local (Irish) leader?

The advantages of including an Irish leader include ensuring the smooth coordination of the program on the ground, enhancing the learning experience by sharing interesting local information and knowledge and helping to ensure the safety of everyone of the program. All our leaders are carefully selected and trained to provide an insight into Ireland and Irish culture.


When can I bring my group to Ireland?

As all our programs are custom designed and as we are not confined to using university dorms for accommodation we can provide your program in Ireland at any time of year.


I would like my students to hear from Irish professors. Is it possible to arrange local academic speakers?

Yes, we have access to professors and lecturers in Ireland and Northern Ireland across a wide range of academic fields and can arrange for them to speak to your group.


What about community groups and NGOs?

We have arranged visits, socials and talks with a wide variety of such organisations, from the smallest local community to group to international NGOs. We also arrange talks with politicians, councilors, Lord Mayors and Members of Parliament both North and South.


How big is a group?

A group can be as small as 6 -10 students and as big as 100 students. We can arrange programs for all sizes.


How do I get started?

If you would like to know more about how EIL can help you to build an exception faculty led program in Ireland please get in touch with me with your ideas and I will be happy to put together a proposal for you. [email protected]