The EIL Development Education Programme engages and empowers its members to act as global awareness educators, advocates and multipliers in their communities and among the wider public. Each year EIL members organise awareness raising events with the aim of broadening understanding of the complexity of global issues.

Above are the ways EIL members have raised awareness, for themselves and in their communities,

  • Deirdre McAdams, sharing her story from volunteering in Thailand
  • Emily Price, chair of the Deved Committee, takes part in a dance workshop about Gender Equality to learn more
  • The Development Education Committee debate fair trade issues
  • Tolani and Rita participate in discussions on global issues before they travel at their pre departure workshop
  • Cormac MacGabhann from Dublin finds a common language in football while in Guatemala and share his story through his writing
  • Sinead Mercier, Galway, Cormac from Dublin and Nuala McHale, Sligo, run an art competition in Guatemala
  • Aliina Lindroos, living in Dublin, facilitate a dance workshop funded by an EIL Seed Fund Grant
  • Marie Power from Kilkenny, received a Seed Fund Grant to hold her exhibition “Celebration of Liberian Women”.

Other Ideas to Raise Awareness…….

Hold an Educational Event                                                                 Write an article                                                               Make a video diary

Do a talk in your old school, sports club etc           Join the EIL Network and meet people with common ideals               Organise a social event 

Use your social media                                                                       Organise a sporting event                                     Make brochures or flyers

Learn more and share your knowledge                                                                                  Show your appreciation for others raising awareness

Draw, sing, dance                                                          Paint, photograph, sketch                                                                Speak, chat and shout


                                           Empower and Connect Others with the same goals as you

Remember… you can use your talents music, sport, art, computer skills etc., to raise awareness!

Ask for advice from EIL and we will be happy to support you to raise awareness! Contact 021 4551535



Past events EIL members were involved in were:

  • November 2012, Ending Poverty starts with Women, Cork. EIL Development Education Committee members facitlitated a workshop and street action highlighting the issues raised by MDG 3 (Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women).
  • April 2012, Learning to read and write, Dublin.  EIL Development Education Committee members facilitated a workshop on The Global Campaign for Education followed by a street action highlinting,”Missed opportunities die to illiteracy”
  •  November 2011, Access to medicine a denied right, Cork. EIL Development Education committee members facilitated a workshop on Access to medicine and the MDG 8 (Develop a global partnership for development) for the EIL memebers, followed by a street action aimed at collecting signatures for the Medicines sans Frontier campaign “Europe hands off our medicine”
  • April 2011, Be Water Wise, Dublin. EIL Development Education committee members facilitated a workshop on MDG 7 (Ensuring Environmental Sustainability) , followed by a street action to raise awareness on water as a resource, with particular focus on lack of access to water in developing countries and overconsumption in developed countries.
  • November 2010, Images and Messages in Development, Cork. EIL members took the street encouraging the public to challenge negative images/messages and promoting more balanced representations of majority world issues.
  • April 2010, Stop human trafficking, Dublin. EIL members took the street to raise awareness on Human Trafficking in Ireland and internationally.
  • November 2009, We do care campaign, Cork. Members of the Development Education network asked pedestrians to sign a petition against cuts to the overseas aid budget, they collected almost 700 signatures. The event was run in association with One World week.
  • April 2009, Fair Trade and Trade Justice survey, Dublin.  Members took part to the street action interviewing over 100 people.
  • March 2009, Public talk on International Women’s Day organised by a core group of EIL members and the development education coordinator, Dublin. Speakers: Tendai Madondo, Gender Officer in Christian Aid and Salome Mbgua, AkiDwA Director.
  • November 2008, Network members took part to a Human Rights street action, raising awareness on the Declaration of Human Rights Cork. The event was run in association with One World week.
  • December 2007, EIL members joined students in UCC for an awareness raising event on World Aids Day, Cork.
  • November 2007, Development Education members took part to , Cork. The event was run in association with One World week.
  • December  2006, EIL members performed a mime to highlight the stigma around HIV, Dublin. The event was run in association with One World week.
  • November 2006, network members took part to HIV&AIDS public action, highlighting the stigma around HIV, Cork.
  • March 2006, members took part to the Fairtrade street action, Cork. The event was run in association with Fair Trade Fortnight.
  • November 2005, EIL members took part to the art street action on Debt, Trade and Aid, Cork. The event was run in association with One World week.