Development Education is about increasing awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing and unequal world in which we live. It also encourages people to think critically about what connects the lives of people, rich and poor, across the world. After participating in our programmes, you become a part of the EIL Network and you are invited to take part in activities promoting global justice and respect among the peoples of the world. Act with us for a more just and equal society; you can make a difference!

The Global Education Team is focused on :

Engaging and empowering participants in EIL volunteer and exchange programmes overseas to act as global awareness multipliers in their communities in Ireland.
Raising awareness and increasing understanding of gender and human rights issues through public actions and events.
Highlighting SDGs issues through the participants of the unique Global Awareness Programme.
The EIL Global Education Programme is managed by a devoted group of EIL returned volunteers who are supported by EIL Staff.

The programme is owned by and, relevant to EIL members who identify key priority areas, objectives and  facilitate activities. The Global Education Committee members share and grow their skills in facilitation, management and global awareness throughout the year.

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If you are thinking about joining please feel free to get in touch


Awareness Raising and Public Events

The EIL Development Education Programme engages and empowers its members to act as global awareness educators, advocates and multipliers in their communities and among the wider public. Each year EIL members organise awareness raising events with the aim of broadening understanding of the complexity of global issues.

Ideas to Raise Awareness

  • Hold an educational event
  • Write an article
  • Make a video diary
  • Give a talk in your old school, sports club etc
  • Join the EIL Network and meet people with common ideals
  • Organise a social event with a focus on the SDGs
  • Draw, sing, dance Paint, photograph, sketch chat and shout!!
  • Empower and connect others with the same goals as you

Ask for advice from EIL and we will be happy to support you to raise awareness! Contact [email protected] or call +353 21 455 1535.

Get Involved

Time spent Volunteering overseas is a life changing event that will stay with you for a lifetime but the journey doesn’t end there!. Once you return home to Ireland you can make use of the unique experience you have had and the perspective you have gained by supporting local and national organisations in Ireland. Your valuable insight into the issues of global justice can help raise awareness here, break stereotypes and prejudices and highlight the courage and inguinuity of the people in the communities you lived in.

Get involved