In 1964 the first EIL Group came to Ireland

  • The group just before they depart Vermont for the Airport
  • The group boarding the plane
  • First sighting of Ireland - arriving at Shannon Airport
  • Shannon Airport
  • Loading up the cars at Shannon Airport
  • O'Connell Street in 1964
  • Dail Eireann 1964
  • Dublin City Centre in 1964
  • Dublin Horse Show
  • Merchants Quay, Cork City before the shopping centre was built
  • Queuing to kiss the Blarney Stone
  • Blarney Castle, Cork 1964
  • John McNichols on the boat to the Arann Islands
  • At the Arann Islands
  • A house the group stayed in for a short homestay
  • Getting to know the countryside
  • Leaving Ireland by ferry

In July 1964, John McNichols led a group of American students to Ireland - this was the first EIL activity in Ireland and the start of our 50 year history here. The group began their experience with pre-departure training in Vermont and then travelled to Ireland where they learned about the culture and rich traditions of the country as part of their studies. 

When these photos of the group in 1964 were posted on our Facebook page, they created quite a stir!





Eight years after the first group arrived, the number of students choosing Ireland as a destination for their 'Study Abroad' period continues to grow. This video was recorded in 1972 and follows an EIL group that spent a semester in Ireland as part of their studies in their respective colleges in the USA.