Global Citizen Award

What is it?

A personal development award that enables you to share your overseas volunteering experiences and help raise awareness of global issues in Ireland. 

Supported by Irish Aid the Global Citizen Award is an initiative of EIL Intercultural Learning and is offered by partner Volunteer Sending Agencies.

Who is it for?

Volunteers (18+) with a minimum of 3 weeks overseas volunteer experience. 

 What will I get from it?

  • The chance to explain and share your volunteering stories and memories with others and in turn inspire and educate them on global issues you witnessed!
  • Gain even more from your volunteering experience and develop extra skills!
  • Obtain a personal achievement - recognised at a National Award Ceremony!

What is involved?

3 achievable award options to suit your motivation:  

BRONZE -Simple activities -Low time commitment.

SILVER -Standard activities -Moderate time commitment.

GOLD -Various activities –Sufficient time commitment.


How do I appy

Step 1: Go to and choose the award level that is righ for you

Step 2: Reflect in a learning journey, take photos or keep a dairy on your overseas experience. Take your actions with the help and support provided by expert mentors.

Step 3: Fill in your Award report form for review and receive your award at National Award Ceremony in Spring 2016!


Global Citizen Award

Global Citizen Award HD