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Montpellier is “the city where the sun never sets” and the ideal destination for adult and teenage French language courses.  Located in one of the most beautiful regions in the south of France, Montpellier is a modern, dynamic city with a rich historical past that has been carefully preserved.  The school is located in a protected building right in the heart of the charming historic city centre, and not only offers summer courses, but courses year-round, catering to every type of student’s needs. It is a city where you can combine learning French in a safe environment while discovering a new culture and way of life.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Aged 16+
  • Be mature and responsible

What's included in your experience

  • Airport Pick-up
  • Housing
  • School Placement
  • Individual Contact Person
  • Medical Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Field Trips
  • Domestic Transport
  • Assistance with Application Process
  • Grade Transcripts

What you are responsible for

  • Airfare
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Vaccinations

Learn French in the Heart of Montpellier’s Medieval Centre

Montpellier language school specialises in language programmes and cultural vacations that suit everyone’s needs. The school is located in a stunning 17th century townhouse right in the heart of Montpellier’s medieval pedestrianised centre. Its great location enables students to learn French in exceptional conditions right in the heart of the city centre. The school is also located near the bus and tram stations, and is about 5 minutes by foot from the train station.

Available facilities:

  • 6 fully-equipped bright and spacious classrooms, helping students to learn French under the best conditions
  • A unique rooftop terrace, ideal for speaking French with new friends while enjoying the sunshine of southern France
  • Access to computers with high-speed Internet and wireless access (WIFI), free of charge for students
  • A lounge area with magazines, newspapers, tourist books, cultural information and more

The maximum group size is 10 students (on non-closed group courses) and classes are available for different levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Students take a placement test on the first day of class and will then be placed in a small class suited to his or her level.

All French courses follow the Common European Framework for language learning, and teachers use an integrated communicative approach to teaching, focusing on the student and his or her environment and ensuring learning in French, not through English. Particular attention is also paid to improving speaking and listening skills, encouraging students to speak French freely and confidently. All students will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course, which will state their levels within the Common European Framework of Reference.



Summary Information

  • Ages:  16 and up
  • Location:  Montpellier, south of France
  • Accommodation:  Host family only for under 18; residence available for 18 and up
  • Duration:  Two weeks and up
  • Availability:  Flexible, year round admission
  • Supervision:  Suitable for mature teenagers, as there is unsupervised free time

What Course do we offer?

There are lots of courses to pick from in Montpellier!

Courses in Montpellier

French Classes in the morning, with afternoon Classes for the intensive and Super Intensive French Courses

On the first morning of the course, students must be at the school by 08:25. From 08:30 until 10:00 students will sit a written and oral placement test. After a 30 minute break, the first lesson will begin at 10:30 and lasts until 12:30. Students will be placed in a multinational class with a maximum of 9 other students at the same level, and all classes are taught in French. An orientation session, including a walking tour of Montpellier, will take place from 13:30 to 15:00.

Barring the first day, Standard Course lessons are held from 09:00 to 12:30, Monday through Friday, including a 15 minute break. Students taking the Intensive Course will have two afternoon classes from 13:30 to 15:45, generally on a Tuesday and Thursday (this is subject to change). The Intensive Plus Course has six one-to-one lessons on two afternoons per week from either 13:30 to 15:45 or 16:00 to 18:15, in addition to the Standard morning classes. The Super Intensive Course has ten one-to-one lessons on three afternoons per week from 13:30 to 15:45. For students receiving one-to-one lessons only, the timetable will be discussed and decided with the teacher on the first Monday morning.

1 lesson = 45 minutes of teaching time

  • Standard (20 group French lessons per week)
    20 group French lessons per week, focusing on all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Lessons follow the Common European Framework and deal with cultural and current affairs in order to learn both the language and the culture.

Junior French Courses for Ages 14-17

The Junior French Course welcomes teenagers from all over the world and has been designed specifically for young people visiting France for a combined French language and holiday course. The maximum class size is 15 students and the minimum stay is one week. Teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and will help students get the most out of their programme. Teachers use an integrated communicative approach in their teaching, which focuses on the student and his or her environment. Particular attention is paid to improving speaking and listening skills, through role-plays, discussions, video and songs, activities, etc.

  • Junior Intensive: 20 group lessons per week
    Included in the Junior Course is an activity programme, residential accommodation with full board, sharing room with another international Junior student.

How do I apply?

To apply please contact us and we will send you an application from to complete.

  • €350 non-refundable deposit paid by cheque, postal order or bank draft made out to AFS/EIL Intercultural Learning
  • 1 passport photo
  • Host family letter. Try to introduce yourself and your family, and include your interests and why you want to go to France. This letter must be written in french.

Please do not book flights until you receive written notification from AFS/EIL that your course and dates are confirmed.

N.B. All signatures by parents and student must be present. Incomplete applications will delay the booking and can result in not obtaining a place on the desired course or dates.

Apply Today


Live with a French Host Family

Staying with a host family gives students first-hand experience of the French culture and way of life.  Sharing meals with a host family is an excellent way of speaking French with native speakers and learning new vocabulary.  Our partner’s host families are selected with the greatest care to make students’ stays successful linguistic and cultural experiences.

All host families must fulfill various criteria of selection (according to a charter and rules).  Each must give the following: a sense of welcome and hospitality, a warm, clean and welcoming home and a good location with easy access to the school (35 minutes maximum by public transportation).  Host families live in flats or villas in the centre of Montpellier, or in the immediate surrounding areas.  Students will have their own keys and, for adults, their own rooms.  We try to place only one student speaking the same language per family, but this is not always possible during busy periods.

Host families welcome students into their homes and trust that they will respect their way of life.  Half-board accommodation means that students will have breakfast and evening meals with the family, but must take care of their own lunches.  There are many cafés and eateries located near the school.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have small children, while others have older children who are no longer living at home; there are single parent families as well as retired couples.  We do not take requests for friends to be placed in the same host family or in host families near one another.  Students should be prepared to take public transportation if they are not within walking distance of the school.  For returning home later than public transport allows, students should budget for taxis to return home in time for curfew.  The accommodation officer at the school is always available to discuss host family placements, should any issues arise during a student’s stay.


There is a wide range of social and cultural activities and excursions offered to help students get to know their classmates, as well as learn more about the local region and French culture. Some activities are free, while others are offered at an additional fee on a first-come, first-served basis. Joining activities is a great way for students to speak French and supplement their daily French lessons.

Available activities may include

Available activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Montpellier town visits
  • Wine and cheese tasting (for students 18 and over only)
  • Meals in local restaurants
  • Museum visits
  • Welcome and farewell parties
  • Montpellier’s renowned aperitifs
  • Sporting activities (football and handball matches, bowling, ice-skating, etc.)

Available excursions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Avignon and the Pont du Gard
  • Nîmes
  • The Camargue National Park
  • Sète
  • Carcassonne
  • St Guilhem-le-Désert and the Grotte de Clamouse
  • The Grotte des Demoiselles

Excursions are available on a first-come, first-served basis and usually cost approximately €20 for a half-day excursion and €30 for a full day excursion. Payment is to be made at the time of booking.


Suitable for Responsible Young Adults

The general courses are run in an adult language school, therefore programmes there are suitable only for students who are 16 and over and have a certain level of maturity and sense of responsibility. This course does not offer 24-hour supervision and is not suitable for all students. Students are supervised only when they are in the language school or on language school organised activities (which are optional). Students will have a good bit of unsupervised free time and will be free to come and go as they please when they do not have lessons, and in the evenings after dinner. The host families are not responsible for the students while on unsupervised activities.

The evening curfew for students under 18 returning home to their host families is 23:00 Sunday-Thursday and 00:30 on Friday, Saturday and evenings before bank holidays. This curfew is very strictly monitored and AFS/EIL, our partner school and the host family reserve the right to restrict evening privileges should the curfew be broken. Parents have the option to set an earlier curfew if desired. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they keep to their curfew. Host families are not expected to wait up beyond their normal bedtime waiting for the student to return. If the student has not returned by the agreed time, the host family will notify the language school the next day and disciplinary action will be taken. Disciplinary action will also be taken if it comes to the attention of the school that the student has broken any of the programme rules including alcohol consumption for students under 18, not respecting the host family, arriving to class late or non attendance, etc. In all cases where a student under 18 is disciplined, parents in Ireland will be notified. For a full list of programme rules, please see the course application form.

If parents are concerned about the level of supervision and feel that their child might not be sufficiently mature for this type of course, please contact AFS/EIL to discuss alternative programmes that do offer campus accommodation and 24-hour supervision, or consider the Junior Programme that is designed specifically for younger students.


Please see the list of the most commonly asked questions on the right. If you have any specific questions about this programme, please do not hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Team.

Call me back - Study Abroad

You can fill out this form and a member of the Study abroad team will get in touch as soon as they can
  • :
    We will endeavour to call you at the time you specify. Please note that the office hours are Monday to Friday 9 Am to 5:30 PM
    We would like to send you some updates from time to time including programme offers & newsletters.
  • AFS/EIL does not arrange flights for any of its programmes.  All flights must be booked by the students or parents.  Arrival and departure details must be given to AFS/EIL so we can arrange the students’ transfers.  Details must include dates, times, airline carrier, flight number and train time and number (if applicable).  Currently Easyjet (via London Gatwick) and Air France (via Paris) connect to Montpellier Airport from Ireland. Another popular option is to fly directly to Carcassonne from Dublin or Cork with Ryanair and connect to Montpellier via train.  There are bus shuttles available from Carcassonne Airport to the train station where a connecting train to Montpellier can be taken. The shuttle is located at the front of the building and leaves 20 minutes after each flight arrives. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the train station and the cost is €5 per person per way.  Tickets can be purchased from the driver.  Taxis are also available for a cost of approximately €15 to Carcassonne train station.  Both Carcassonne and Marseille have direct flights from Ireland and are 1.5 hours by train to Montpellier with regualr service. Nimes is only 30 minutes by train.

If taking the train, please arrive at Montpellier station. There are TGVs which take around 3.25 hours from Paris-Gare de Lyon or Roissy-CDG Airport, if flying into Paris. For train information, see or

From Cork, there are direct seasonal flights to Carcassonne with Ryanair and to Paris with Aer Lingus. Please check for availability and dates with the airline.

From Dublin, there are direct seasonal flights to Paris and Marseille with Aer Lingus and to Carcassonne with Ryanair. Please check for availability and dates with the airline.

Further Information