German Language School in Tübingen

Summary Information

Ages:  16 and up; Summer Youth Course 14-16
Location:  Southern Germany, southwest of Stuttgart
Accommodation:  Host Family
Duration:  Two weeks and up
Availability:  Flexible, year round admission starting every second week
Supervision:  Suitable for mature teenagers, as there is unsupervised free time


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A fascinating combination of charming contradictions is what makes Tübingen so loveable and pleasant to live in. It is spoken of as a young and an old town, a small and a big town and a provincial a cosmopolitan town. Home to some 85,000 inhabitants and 23,000 students, many of them foreign, Tübingen has a decidedly international atmosphere and flair. The university has decisively shaped and continues to influence both the outward appearance of the town and the internal social aspects of life in Tübingen. It invites you to stroll along its narrow, winding streets with their romantic half-timbered houses, and to enjoy its many congenial cafés, restaurants, and bars. Tübingen is a place where you will quickly feel at home.

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This international language school has been active in the field of language teaching and intercultural communication for over 30 years. Its many years of working with international clientele have led to the development of its own didactic and methodological concept, which is adaptable to the specific needs of both groups and individual participants. Based on long experience in foreign language teaching, its pedagogical methods are oriented to the standards set by the latest developments in the field. New teaching and learning methods, and the application of new media, are tested by the fully trained staff and integrated into the teaching programme. Class sizes are kept small to maximize learning. Afternoon classes tend to be in smaller groups than the morning. It is not unusual for people from up to 25 countries to be taking courses there at any given time. As a result, German is the common language among the students at the school, and learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also between lessons and during communal activities.

Students are housed with local host families. Accommodation includes half board, so students receive breakfast and dinner every day, as well as lunch on the weekends. Students under 18 are always accommodated with host families. While the school tries to place students with host families within walking distance of the school, most students will need to take public transport to get to school. In these cases, we recommend that students purchase a weekly bus pass, as it is much more economical. Families may host more than one student, but not of the same nationality, thus friends and family members will not be placed together. There is ample time for friends to socialise during activities and in the evenings.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes: single parents with children living in the house, nuclear families, older couples whose children are no longer at home, as well as young couples who may not have children are all considered potential host families. Our main criteria is a warm, caring, and comfortable home environment for students to be nurtured and thrive in. Applicants cannot reject host family placements and must agree to accept them without prejudice and to go into the programme with an open mind.

For students under 18 the curfew is 22:00.  Parents may extend this to a later hour if they wish, and must contact EIL for the form to do so.

Students must arrive on the Sunday before classes begin and depart the Saturday after classes finish.  Additional nights can be booked if arriving outside these days for an additional fee of €26 per night.

Leaving Certificate Preparation Course

At our request, our partners in Tübingen have put together a closed group course specifically for Irish students preparing for their Leaving Certificate. The course material follows the Leaving Certificate syllabus and in just two weeks, students' German abilities can significantly improve in both spoken and written form.  The combination of language classes and staying with a German host family offers dual language learning - ideal for Leaving Certificate preparation! Students will also have a chance to relax and have some fun through tours, cultural activities and excursions.  This is a closed group course; there are a limited number of places (maximum 10 students per group) and there will only be other Irish students taking part in the class.  Irish students have been attending these courses for over seven years and have improved their exam results immensely.  Please note that we need a minimum of 5 students to run the course.  Courses will be confirmed once we secure the minimum number of bookings.

Included in this group course are:

  • 26 lessons per week
  • Host family accommodation with half board
  • Guided tour of Tübingen
  • Phonetic workshop.
  • One full-day excursion at the weekend
  • 2 half-day activities
  • Bus card for Tubingen Transit
  • Return transfers from Stuttgart Airport
  • CareMed medical travel insurance

Flights are not included. Flights should not be booked until confirmation from EIL is received.

Apply early to secure your place!

1 lesson = 45 minutes teaching time.

Standard Courses

In order to promote students' rapid adjustment to everyday German life, teaching is practically oriented from the first day. Use is made of modern textbooks, media, and self-developed materials. The courses thereby communicate an up-to-date image of Germany and allow participants both a high level of learning success and rapid acclimatisation to German daily life. Groups are internationally mixed, which fosters intercultural learning. Great importance is placed on oral communication and intercultural interaction when training the four skills of speaking, writing, listening, and reading comprehension. Special attention is paid to pronunciation, especially in the beginners' classes.

Depending on the interests of the students, workshops on phonetics, literature, political geography, etc. are offered as a complement to the language courses in order to extend students' knowledge of the country, its people, and their daily life. A computer lab allows learning with multimedia programmes and Internet access.

Intensive Course: 26 lessons per Week

This standard course is ideal for those who wish to acquire a sound knowledge of German in the shortest possible time. The 26 lessons are divided into 20 lessons in the mornings and 6 lessons on three afternoons per week.

Super-Intensive Course: 34 lessons per Week

The Super-Intensive course is particularly suited to people who have a limited amount of time and who want to study very intensively over a short period. It is also ideal for people who are preparing for exams. In this course, students are integrated into groups according to their level for 26 lessons. In conjunction with this, they then receive eight lessons of instruction in a small group of two to five students.

Language Plus Exam Prep: 26 + 8 Lessons per Week

This course combines the Intensive 26 lessons of general language teaching with eight extra lessons of German, focusing on exam material in the afternoon.  This is a great alternative to taking the Leaving Certificate Preparation Course if it does not run or if a more exam-focused programme is needed.

*Each lesson is 45 minutes.

Summer Youth Course (Ages 14-16): 26 Lessons per Week

During the months of July and August, this summer language course from elementary level upwards is for young people between the ages of 14 and 16 and provides 26 group language lessons per week. In the mornings, students take an intensive, communication-oriented language course. In the afternoons, the curriculum consists of a well-organised culture and leisure programme.

This intensive language course is organised in groups according to level, and allows students to improve and extend their existing language abilities in communicative situations. Great importance is placed on conversation and active participation. Pre-existing knowledge of German grammar is integrated and expanded through various exercises and activities to improve listening and reading skills and oral and written expression. In the afternoons students participate in organised sporting and cultural activities, all of which are supervised by a trained member of staff. The afternoon programme consists of sports such as swimming, badminton, squash, and climbing, along with cultural activities such: as sight-seeing, painting and drawing with instruction in German, exploration of the town, and film screenings. In addition to these activities, the students participate in a programme of excursions. For example, a two-week language course includes in its price one full-day and two half-day excursions.

Sample Timetable



08:30 - 10:00 Whole group lessons

10:30 - 12:00 Whole group lessons

13:00 - 14:30 3 whole group and 1 small group lesson per week



08:30 - 10:00 Whole group lessons

10:30 - 12:00 Whole group lessons

13:00 - 14:30 3 whole group and 1 small group lesson per week

15:00 - 16:30 3 small group lessons per week

Language and Special Purposes


08:30 - 10:00 Whole group lessons

10:30 - 12:00 Whole group lessons and afternoon research project*

*Students participate in a research project. The nature of this project depends on the interests of the students and is decided upon in consultation with teaching staff.

The school has organised an interesting and varied culture and leisure programme which will be given to students at orientation. Tübingen and its immediate surroundings, as well as southern Germany in general, provide a lively, interesting, and charming supplement to the language courses. The diverse activities offered by the culture and leisure programme provide participants with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with various aspects of German life and society, to gain personal intercultural experience and to relax and have fun. The culture and leisure program is updated weekly to include interesting cultural activities in Tübingen and its immediate surroundings. Language-oriented workshops, half and full-day excursions and sporting and cultural activities are regularly offered to course participants. Some of these activities must be paid for and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, while others are free of charge. All school organised activities are supervised.



  • How do I get to Stuttgart?

    As of April 2011, Aer Lingus is offering a direct service from Dublin to Stuttgart.  As it only runs on certain days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday), students who want to avail of this return flight will have to both arrive and depart on a Sunday, staying one extra night with the host family.  The extra cost is €25 per night.  Lufthansa all currently offers a connecting service to Stuttgart from Dublin; British Airways offers a connecting service from Dublin via London Heathrow; and Air France offers connecting service from Dublin and Cork via Paris.  Should flights dictate that you must arrive or depart on days outside of those specified (Sunday and Saturday respectively), this can be arranged for the additional fee of €25.

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  • Can I be placed near my friend in the host family?

    The course is available to anyone who would like to book and genuinely has an interest in studying and having fun, too.  If two friends would like to go together, this can be facilitated.  Please note, however, that two students of the same nationality will not be placed with the same host family, nor can we guarantee that they will be placed in families close to one another.  Tübingen is a safe and manageable city and students should be mature enough to travel to and from school unaided after the first day.

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  • Will I be collected at the airport?

    Yes, transfers are included in the fees from Stuttgart Airport or Tübingen Train Station. Students will be collected by a member of school staff who will hold a sign with the school's name on it.  Please follow instructions from EIL that indicate your meetings point. You may be sharing a transfer with other students arriving as well.

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  • What do I write in my "Dear Host Family" letter?

    This letter is an opportunity to share with your hosts some information about yourself: interests, hobbies, information about friends and family, what you study in school, etc. could all be included.  Families are used to hosting and this is a great way to differentiate yourself from other students who they may have hosted before or will be hosting later. It also gives them topics for conversation, which will help you practise your German further after you arrive.

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The standard courses and Leaving Certificate Preparation course are run in an adult language school, therefore programmes there are suitable only for students who are 16 or over and have a certain level of maturity and sense of responsibility.  This course does not offer 24-hour supervision and is not suitable for all students.  Students are supervised only when they are in the language school or on language school organised activities (which are optional).  Students will have a good bit of unsupervised free time and will be free to come and go as they please when they do not have lessons, and in the evenings after dinner.  The host families are not responsible for the students while on unsupervised activities.

The evening curfew to return home to the host family is 22:00 Sunday through Saturday.  This curfew is very strictly monitored and EIL, our partner school and the host family reserve the right to restrict evening privileges should the curfew be broken.  Parents have the option to set an earlier or extended curfew, if desired.  It is the students' responsibility to ensure that they keep to their curfew.  Host families are not expected to wait up beyond their normal bedtime waiting for the student to return.  If the student has not returned by the agreed time the host family will notify the language school the next day and disciplinary action will be taken.  Disciplinary action will also be taken if it comes to the attention of the school that the student has broken any of the programme rules including alcohol consumption, not respecting the host family, arriving to class late or non attendance, etc.  In all cases where a student is disciplined, parents in Ireland will be notified.  For a full list of programme rules, please see the course application form.

If parents are concerned about the level of supervision and feel that their child might not be sufficiently mature for this type of course, please contact EIL to discuss alternative programmes that do offer campus accommodation and 24-hour supervision, or consider the Junior Programme that is designed specifically for younger students.

Dates 2018 

Leaving Certificate Preparation Course: To be confirmed

Watch this space

Intensive, Super-Intensive and Language and Special Purposes courses are available throughout the year for programmes lasting two weeks or more.  Courses begin every second week.  Please enquire for start dates.

2018 Prices


General courses include the following:

  • Lessons, books and materials
  • Host family accommodation with half board
  • Return transfers from Stuttgart Airport
  • CareMed medical travel insurance (all students should carry their European Medical Cards when traveling within the EU)

Please refer to course descriptions for additional inclusions that are course specific. Prices do not include flights.

Included in the Leaving Certificate Preparation course are:

  • 26 lessons per week
  • Host family accommodation with full board
  • Guided tour of Tübingen
  • One full-day excursion at the weekend
  • Two half-day activities
  • Bus card for Tubingen Transit
  • Return transfers from Stuttgart Airport
  • CareMed medical travel insurance

NB: A minimum of 5 students is required to run each Leaving Certificate Preparation Course.  An alternative course for the same dates will be offered if this number is not met or a refund will be given.

To appy, please post the following to our office:

  • Completed application form
  • Non-refundable €350 deposit by cheque, bank draft or postal order made out to EIL Intercultural Learning
  • 1 passport photo
  • A "Dear Host Family" letter written IN GERMAN

Please do NOT book flights until you receive written notification from EIL that your course and dates are confirmed. 
N.B. All signatures by parents and student must be present. Incomplete application will delay bookings and may result in not obtaining a place on the desired course or dates.

Feedback from students who studied German at Tübingen


"Family were very nice, welcoming and although I didn't spend that much free time with them, they did invite me to some locals events which I found to be very entertaining. Sometimes I found it was difficult to say much at dinner because the accent is very hard to understand. Food was amazing. School quite a distance from home but the bus service made it easier." - Ellen

"Very welcoming family. Always included me in family activiies." - Niall