Study Italian at Our Language School in Salerno

Summary Information

Ages: 16 and up 
Location: Salerno, 50km south of Naples 
Accommodation: Host family 
Duration: Two weeks and up 
Availability: Flexible, year-round admission 
Supervision: Suitable for mature teenagers, as there is unsupervised free time

This Italian language school is located in Salerno, neighbour to the beautiful Amalfi coast. Its fortunate geographical position allows students to enjoy a healthy mild climate and clear blue sea all year round. The symbol of the town is its wonderful seafront promenade that offers a place to relax amid ancient buildings, open-air cafes and restaurants. An Italian langauge course in Salerno represents a unique occasion for those who appreciate the more authentic aspects of Italian life, away from the tourist masses.  The comfortable size of the town prepares students for a positive attitude towards study and allows them to experience an unforgettable taste of Italy.

Now accepting applications for 2018!

Study Italian with a View!

For those who are looking for a school of the highest quality by the sea, set in a typical Italian city that is popular for its beautiful sea and climate, art and history, and for its wonderful surroundings, you need look no further. This Italian language school is situated in one of the most beautiful and most visited streets in Salerno, Via Roma, a short distance from the medieval Cathedral Square right in the heart of the historical centre of the town. The school itself is located in a charming antique building of noble origin, Palazzo Angrisani, facing the seafront in authentically unique surroundings.  For those who really wish to immerse themselves in the Italian life and culture, from the windows of the school one can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the sea, and in only a few minutes on foot it is possible to reach all the most important artistic attractions of the town. Located conveniently near such Italian hotspots as the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Pompeii, Naples and Cilento, this school has everything an Italian student and tourist could need.

All Italian teachers are highly qualified and specialised in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. All have university degrees and have been selected for their teacher-training qualifications and their great ability to transmit enthusiasm and encourage lively participation.

Italian Host Family Accommodation

All students under 18 are placed with local host families. Students stay in single rooms and receive half board.  All housing is strictly booked from the Sunday before lessons begin until the Saturday after the lessons finish.  Students may be asked for a €100 deposit on arrival, which they will have returned to them upon departure, less reparation costs if necessary.

Host families are selected and vetted by the language school Housing Office, according to their inspection scheme for cleanliness, comfort, and location. All details about accommodation will be communicated 2 weeks before the starting date. As Salerno is so small, the majority of host families are located near the school and are within walking distance.

Host families, like all families, come in all shapes and sizes. The make-up or structure of the family is variable; some will be retired couples whose children have moved away, others possibly have three generations under one roof; young couples and single parents are all acceptable host family placements.

With the emphasis for language learning being fully immersing oneself in the language and culture, we cannot facilitate requests for friends to be placed in the same host family or near one another. Salerno is a small and safe town, and students will have ample time to socialise outside of class hours and during activities in the evenings.

Italian Language and Culture Courses

Language Lessons

  • Standard: 20 group lessons per week, 4 per day, Monday through Friday
  • Intensive: 30 group lessons per week, 6 per day, Monday through Friday
  • Super Intensive: 20 group lessons per week, 4 per day Monday through Friday, plus 1 private lesson per day

1 lesson = 55 minutes teaching time

Students must present themselves at the school by 08:30 on their first day. Group lessons are usually held in the mornings, however on occasion (high season) these group lessons may be scheduled in the afternoons. Individual lessons are generally held in the afternoons. The number of lessons includes the entrance/placement test and the final exam, as well as the final feedback. There are six different levels, and completion of a 4-week course does not guarantee advancement to the next level.

Culture Courses

In addition to the general Italian language courses, there are also add-on Italian culture courses.

These courses are combined with general language courses and are offered throughout the year, starting every second Monday. They generally take place for an extendable duration of two weeks for two weekly lessons in the afternoon with a minimum number of participants.

Offered for 2 weeks over 8 hours:

  • Italian Literature
  • History of Italian Art
  • History of Italian Cinema
  • History of Italian Theatre
  • Italian in Opera
  • Italian for Business
  • Italian Pottery and Ceramics

Please note that if minimum number for each Culture Course (4 students) cannot be met by the time the course is due to commence, the fee paid will be used towards the equivalent amount in individual lessons or semi-private lessons (hours reduced by 50% and 25% respectively).

The first day of the course starts at 08.30. Students who are non-beginners do a written and oral entry test to assess their ability and to decide which study group they will be placed in.

9.00- 11.00 – Grammar and Practical Language 
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.00 Conversation

14.00 – 16.00

1 hour one-to-one lesson in the afternoon

Classes last 55 minutes. Those students taking individual lessons will be given their timetable on arrival when those lessons will take place. Those taking art and culture classes will have them in the afternoons.

The classes are made up of a minimum of four and a maximum of ten students, which allows the creation of a group environment in which the teacher can follow the linguistic progress of each individual student. The groups are formed according to the initial linguistic level and are composed of varied nationalities so that a linguistic stimulus is created and the students are encouraged to use Italian as their official language.


One of the aims of the school is to give a daily point of reference for students, providing a meeting place in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. During the week many cultural and recreational activities are organised, which are included in the cost of the language course. Students need only pay for entry to museums, cinemas or theatres, for public transport, guides and for evening meals in restaurants. Students will receive full information about these activities on the first day of the course in a general meeting or presentation. These may include:

  • The sea and the sport: water and sporting activities
  • Concerts, cinema and theatre
  • Evening meals with teachers and friends
  • Cinema meetings
  • Meetings about Italian topical events and culture
  • Meetings on Italian music, both classical and modern
  • Visiting Salerno: guided tour of places of interest in the town
  • Meetings on the history and the art of Salerno

Excursions once a week are also scheduled on a pay-as-you-go basis at a special rate just for students:

  • Sea-side trips to bustling, colourful places such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento which are ideal for visits, cultural walks and marine activity
  • History and archaeology- among the most famous archaeological sites in Italy are Paestum and Pompeii where precious examples of Greek and Roman remains have been preserved intact and where the Greek-Roman civilisation is most evident
  • Also, special tasting visits are also organised for small groups to various specialty food and drink producers such as olive oil, wine, mozzarella and limoncello factories. These are normally in the afternoon and usually last two hours.



  • What do I write in my “Dear Host Family" letter?

    The letter to your host family is an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell your hosts about yourself- family, hobbies, interests, and friends are all good topics. Written in Italian, your letter will differentiate you from other students the host families may be hosting or have hosted, and also give your hosts topics to start conversation with once you arrive so you can practice your Italian even more.

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  • How do I get to Salerno?

    Transfers via Naples Airport are included on arrival and departure. Aer Lingus offers service to Naples on Saturdays and Sundays from Dublin. We must receive your full flight details at least one week prior to departure.

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  • Does Salerno offer Junior Courses?

    The courses are open for students ages 16 and up. Should you be interested in a course designed specifically for teens which is offered during the summer, please see the Italian Summer Camp option offered in Lignano in north-east Italy.

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Suitable for Adults

As this is an exclusively adult language school and students will be treated as such.  There is no special supervision for students under 18.  Parents who wish to book a 17 year old on the course must bear in mind that they will be unsupervised for the duration of the programme.


Courses start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. Please enquire for start dates.

Prices 2018

Prices include: enrolment fee, lessons, textbook and teaching materials, course certificate, complementary actitities, host family accommodation with half board, transfers from and to Naples airport, and CareMed medical travel insurance.

  • Please fully complete the application form
  • €350 deposit- cheque, postal order or bank draft made out to EIL
  • 1 passport photo
  • "Dear Host Family" letter written in Italian