Sophie leaves "half her heart" in France!

  • The French newspaper article featuring Sophie and her host family
  • Sophie with her mom and her host family
  • Sophie "became one of the family"
  • Sophie wanted to make sure that her host family saw the best Ireland had to offer!
  • Two famlies have come together to share their cultures

Last Autumn Sophie set out to complete a semester of Secondary School in France, however little did she know she would spend almost a year in France and have a new family upon her return in June!

Sophie extended her programme to last the full academic year, once she arrived in France and felt instantly welcome. She was even featured in  French newspaper, documenting her experience of an Irish student in France! According to host-mum Carole 

“Sophie is part of the family, we bring her to all family reunions. My two sons, 9 and 13 years old, became her adoptive brothers. We are so busy with our professional and volunteer commitments that we don’t really have the opportunity to travel the world so this is the world that’s coming to us”

Sophie's new family were invited to visit Ireland and by the looks of it Sophie and her mom, Eszter, gave them a true Irish welcome! 

Welcome home Sophie and Bienvenue to the Urban family! 

If you are interested in studying in a Secondary School in France, we are currently accepting applications for Spring 2017. Call Aileen on 021-4551535 or email on [email protected] for more details.