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About EIL

EIL Ireland is an Irish, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing intercultural experiences based on the principles of experiential learning (learning by doing). In the Study Abroad Dept, we have specialised in Language Courses, Secondary School Abroad and Cultural Exchange programmes for Irish teenagers since 1989. EIL offers a range of individual and group programmes which specifically cater for the needs of Irish students and are designed to include as much cultural interaction as possible in the country of choice.

Child Safety

On all our programmes child safety is the number one priority and we always strive to ensure they are run according to the most up-to-date best practise guidelines. In fact we have been at the forefront of modernising best practice policy for youth exchange organisations in Ireland and you can find out more information about these efforts here. We only work with partner organisations who are committed to the same principles and who have a track record in providing a quality service.

Individual Programmes

The Secondary School Abroad programme is particularly suited to Transition Year students. Programme dates are flexible from a minimum of 6 weeks up to a full academic year. Students who do not wish to take time off from their studies in Ireland can opt for one of our Language courses which run throughout the year including the summer months. Our Leaving Certificate preparation courses in France, Spain and Germany have proved particularly popular.

Group Programmes

We can also organise tailored made programmes for Irish teachers who wish to take a group of young people abroad. This could be a language course combined with a range of activities / excursions or a language course combined with a specialist activity such as French & Sailing. The range of possibilities are endless and we would be happy to explore further any specialist requirement that you might have.

EIL Explore

As a not-for-profit organisation, run by a board of volunteer directors and a team of full time staff, our objective is to enrich lives and inspire global citizenship. To this extent the Trust for Education in International living was established so that excess funds generated by the organisation could be channeled into EIL Explore. These awards offer a range of fully and partially funded programmes with exciting possibilities to explore other cultures in various countries around the world. To a large extent we rely on word of mouth, including your voice in the classroom, to help make people aware of these fantastic opportunities. Options for Secondary School Students include Ecuador (4 weeks cultural expereince) Japan (4 weeks Secondadary School & Cultural Ambassador experience) Secondary School in Europe (3 months for a TY student in a country with their chosen European language) Vermont & Youth Activist (2 weeks in vermont USA, Youth Leadership workshop series).  There are also awards for Teachers to in our Over 18 years awards, such as Mexico, Thailand Global Awareness Programme and more!