Feedback from students who studied French in Montpellier

Host Family

"Very friendly and welcoming." - Daniel

"Really nice people. Felt lucky to have met them." - David

"They were very friendly, I learned so much about France from them, they were very interested in Ireland and how I was getting on and making me feel welcome." - Meadhbh

"The location of my apartment to the school was perfect and the family very friendly." - Lucy

"Really great family; had a great time staying with them." - Peigi

Feedback from students who studied German at Lindau


"The family were very nice and friendly, made me feel very welcome. The food was excellent." - Sian

"Very friendly and spoke slowly if I didn't understand at first. Surprisingly great food!" - Linda


"Good teaching methods and the teachers were very friendly. Good facilities in the school in computer access, bike rental and good location too!" - Sian

Feedback from students who studied German at Tübingen


"Family were very nice, welcoming and although I didn't spend that much free time with them, they did invite me to some locals events which I found to be very entertaining. Sometimes I found it was difficult to say much at dinner because the accent is very hard to understand. Food was amazing. School quite a distance from home but the bus service made it easier." - Ellen

"Very welcoming family. Always included me in family activiies." - Niall

Feedback from students who studied French in Cap d'Ail


"The accommodation was good; I met loads of new people and the staff were really helpful & friendly. Overall, my only complaint was with the food." - Emily

"Our rooms were basic but pleasant. The accommodation was set in lovely grounds." - Aisling

"The rooms were good because they were a good size, but it got very hot inside them. The camp was very good because they had basketball courts, table tennis and loads of things to do, as well as plenty of space to just walk about." - Patrick

High School in Spain

Tricia spent 4 and a half months in Zaragoza Spain on the High School Programme in Spain. Here is what she had to say about her host family:

"They were brilliant. We got on extremely well and they made a huge effort to make sure I was comfortable. They were very interested in my culture and traditions and I tried to make sure I knew about theirs".

Tricia said on her experience as a whole:

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany, reflection

It has been a month now since I departed from Germany, even though it only seems like yesterday, I really do miss Germany, my host family, friends and the way of life in general. On my flight from Bremen to Dublin it gave me time to reflect back on my trip, people I met, places I saw and it was at that moment that I realized how lucky I really was to have got the chance to experience a life so different at such a young age.

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany

Heading into my seventh week here with the finish line in sight I think at this stage I have seen what I came here to see and did what I wanted to do, I've gotten so much out of this experience that was truly once in a lifetime! I've seen Berlin,Hamburg,Bremen and Hannover, made so many new friends and over time have become very accustomed to the German way of life. I realise that if you are reading this you too are considering coming here to Germany for a period of time, and I hope I can guide you to the best of my ability!

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany, 1st week settling in

I am very glad to report all is well here in Germany.

The first night was very tough it was late when I arrived in Bremen and met my host family, they are very nice and treat me very well, but I would not recommend arriving late at night as I found it hard when I got to their house we had to go to bed, it was late and I understood this but it was very lonesome in a strange room in a different country with a new family! I felt a small bit homesick the next day but not as much as I would have expected. I have settled in very well and do not feel at all homesick at present.