Feedback from students who studied French in Cap d'Ail


"The accommodation was good; I met loads of new people and the staff were really helpful & friendly. Overall, my only complaint was with the food." - Emily

"Our rooms were basic but pleasant. The accommodation was set in lovely grounds." - Aisling

"The rooms were good because they were a good size, but it got very hot inside them. The camp was very good because they had basketball courts, table tennis and loads of things to do, as well as plenty of space to just walk about." - Patrick


"I thought the teaching was very good and the teacher made the classes interesting and enjoyable." - Emily

"Great fun and learned lots." - Luke

"I learned a lot and it was really fun." - Patrick


"I really enjoyed my two weeks. I would have loved to stay for longer and would definitely go back." - Emily

"I loved the programme and thought it was very well run and I had a great time. However, I think students' French would improve more if people were forced to speak as much French as they can all the time." - Aisling

"Great. Sundays were boring." - Luke

"I felt the overall programme was brilliant." - Patrick

Parents Comments

"Thank you so much for running this course. Elizabeth really enjoyed it and learned lots and met very interesting people. The various things were fun and educational, too." - Shelia

"My daughter had a very enjoyable trip and would go back again. Well done." - Catriona

"I was very satisfied with the programme and Aisling had a fabulous time. My only criticism is I felt Aisling's French would have further improved if French had been enforced by the staff at all times." - Bronwyn

"Will be recommending it to other people." - Judy

"Overall Emma seemed very happy and enjoyed her stay." - Eibhlis