Feedback from students who studied German at Tübingen


"Family were very nice, welcoming and although I didn't spend that much free time with them, they did invite me to some locals events which I found to be very entertaining. Sometimes I found it was difficult to say much at dinner because the accent is very hard to understand. Food was amazing. School quite a distance from home but the bus service made it easier." - Ellen

"Very welcoming family. Always included me in family activiies." - Niall


"I met a lot of nice people whilst attending the sprachinstitut, it was definitely a good way to practice german. I was lucky on the first 2 weeks, to be in the small class where we got more attention from the teachers. In the third last week more students arrived and the class was really too big to manage properly. I had two teachers - one who I found to be very good and the other to be too, but not nearly as good. Free time programme didn't provide anything suitable for my age group." - Ellen

"For leaving cert we must discuss certain themes like the environment or current topics and a little more about these would have been helpful but I will still very satisfied with course material." - Joe

"Teachers were friendly and helpful. Facilities were good. More homework should be given and more emphasis should be put on writing well." - Eoghan


"I really enjoyed my stay in germany. However I did have an awful lot of free time because the leisure activity programme supplied by the school wasn't very good. But I believe EIL did a fantastic and very organised job of organising the whole thing." - Ellen

Parents Comments

"We were very happy with the service received from EIL in Cork and Ellen really enjoyed her trip. Ellen's host family is seem to have been very welcoming however, the leisure activities could have been better." - Ellen's parents

"There might be a bit more emphasis on writen german in the classes. However a very good course and very good arrangement for young people as a parent I'm confident that my child will be very well looked after by all involved and I can recommend EIL highly." - Eileen