Feedback from students who studied French in Montpellier

Host Family

"Very friendly and welcoming." - Daniel

"Really nice people. Felt lucky to have met them." - David

"They were very friendly, I learned so much about France from them, they were very interested in Ireland and how I was getting on and making me feel welcome." - Meadhbh

"The location of my apartment to the school was perfect and the family very friendly." - Lucy

"Really great family; had a great time staying with them." - Peigi


"They really did their best and were really friendly and they would help me with almost anything i.e very nice and helpful." - Patrick

"Everyone was so helpful and friendly, most of the teachers were wonderful, very patient. It was a really nice place and the facilities were great too. Lovely terrace." - Meadhbh

"I learned a lot from the experience, and would highly recommend the course." - Lucy

"Really well run school, my teacher Elodie, was excellent." - Peigi

Parents Comments

"It appears to have been a very positive experience for Daniel. Thank you." - Mary

"Joseph was very happy and says he learnt a lot. He did seem to spend a lot of time with English speaking students, however I know it is very difficult to regulate this. Overall we were very pleased." - Linda

"My son Finn found the experience worthwhile and highly enjoyable. He gained confidence in oral French." - Cathy

"We are very pleased with Meadbh's EIL course in Montpellier. She thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and was well looked after by the host family." - Jimmy

"Lucy had a wonderful time. She benefited a great deal from the classes. She made good friends and was inspired by the French lifestyle. Many thanks for the service you provided and hopefully the experience will reflect on her Leaving Cert results." - Bernadette

"Thank you very much for organising such a successful two weeks for Harry in Montpelier - in particular he appreciated being placed next door to his school friend. He has generally been a timid traveller so this was a tremendous boost. His host family could not have been kinder, more hospitable or accommodating and he said that even the school wasn't too bad. So all in all this has been a happy, confidence building experience for which we're all most appreciative." - Karen