50 Years on John McNichols remembers the first activity of EIL here in Ireland

From humble beginnings come great things. In 1964, John McNichols led a group of American students to Ireland, marking the first activity of EIL here.

In 1964, John McNichols led a group of American students to Ireland on an intercultural program. The group's visit marked the very first EIL activity in Ireland. Fifty years on, John visits the EIL offices in Cork and speaks to Jo-Anne about his experience. Take a look at photos from the trip. 

The group was made up of 10 students (all from different colleges in the US), and John, the academic leader. After a few days of training in the EIL campus in Battleboro, Vermont, the group departed for Ireland. This was the first time Ireland was chosen as a host country for an EIL group and it marked the very first EIL activity in the country. 

Back in 1964, the small group chose Ireland as their study subject and destination as part of their academic programme in their respective colleges back home. The emphasis here was not on tourism – but on education and culture. They were here to experience and study Irish society, politics, economy, culture and traditions. Each student lived with an Irish host family where they got a real feel for family life in Ireland.

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