Study Abroad! Michelle Obama shows her passion for Intercultural Learning

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, on a recent visit to China, spoke to students about the importance of studying abroad. 

Her passion for connecting the globe through intercultural learning was clear in her speech and we, at EIL, couldn't agree more. 

Why is Intercultural Learning through cutural exchanges so important?

Michelle Obama spoke about how studying abroad allows us to "create bonds of friendship across the globe that will last for decades to come", which many of our returned participants will agree with. 

Her own experience of travelling showed her that all over the world we speak different languages, eat different food and have different traditions but the thing that strikes her the most is 

"how much we have in common".

"We face big challenges", like access to resources, jobs, healthcare, etc., but soon "it will fall to all of you to come together with people on every continent and solve these problems, together". 

EIL can support you to study abroad and find out the importance of intercultural learning for yourself! Our programmes include Japan, USA, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. 

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For those of you (over 18) who want an intercultural learning experience we also offer a Volunteer Abroad Programme. Contact Cliona for more details.