30+ and senior volunteering

  • Anne Doran with other international volunteers in Nepal
  • Tolani with his students in Cape Town
  • Rita Boyle with her students in Chiang Mai
  • Diane in Guatemala
  • Norman Burns with students in Guatemala

Volunteering abroad is not only for young people!

A growing number of mature and senior volunteers are taking part in our volunteer programmes. Your dedication, experience and skills can make a difference in a local community from Africa, Asia or Latin America.

From all our volunteer programmes we have selected a large range of projects suitable for 30+ and senior volunteers. The volunteer opportunities are endless: you can teach English or IT to disadvantaged children, work in an orphanage or a community health centre, participate in a reforestation programme, support a women empowerment or a Human Rights programme...

When you contact us, we will discuss your needs and expectations in terms of volunteer work, accommodation and extra activities and we will explore the different options available.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Read Storied from Adult and Senior volunteers:

Michael in Guatemala

Sara in India

Martina Clarke in Argentina

Michael in India

Claire in China

Watch this Video from Helen in Guatemala

Words from Guatemala:

Carlos Colombi, the director of the EIL office in Guatemala writes about his experience with senior volunteers:

"Senior volunteers have become a great asset to our program in Guatemala. They are providing tremendous knowledge and experience to share with Guatemalans. Senior volunteers have had a great impact in Guatemalan in different ways: by being a mentor for a young English teacher, by advising a microfinance organization on a more efficient way to track credits, by providing new ideas to a school on educational management, by contributing with financial support to a development project (with funds raised by his/her community in Ireland), by being a model to young professionals. Guatemalans are always amazed when they see a senior volunteer coming to Guatemala to share their knowledge and experience with them and leaving their "comfort" life of retirement. That make Guatemalans admire and appreciate their contribution."