Amy May Sends Greetings from Kathmandu: Article in the Avondhu

  • Amy Sends Greetings from Kathmandu

Amy May is a CIT student who won a busary to volunteer abroad is currently volunteering in Nepal.

Here is a transcrit of the article:

Well hello and greetings to all The Avondhu readers from the city of Kathmandhul, which is the capital of Nepal - a country situated to the north of India and bordered on the northern side by China. This has been my home since the June bank holiday Monday as I’ve been part of the EIIL Intercultural Learning Programme working out of the Cork Institute of Technology.

I had a fairly uneventful flight out here and soon settled into my house. There is a great view but more importantly, I have good phone reception to keep in contact with home.

My job here is to teach English to young children, which is a challenge, but they are so nice. The heat here in the first few weeks was around 36 degrees, but of late we have hit the rainy season which makes the streets a mud bath. I will never complain about the potholes back in Ireland after seeing the craters that have developed in some of the streets here

Last week there was a lot of changes here in the house as a lot of the girls whom I worked with went home; a lady from Mexico whom I became friendly with, also two lassies from Limerick and another from Mullingar, also out here, but it looks like I will be here for the longest term. When I'm not working from Sunday to Thursday, I try to get out and see parts of the countryside - I went paragliding the other day which was brilliant. Another time I went to work with elephants. Wow - what bad breath they have! A plane trip over the top of Mount Everest was a real great thing to do, as the small craft was full of Americans. It was awesome to see where all those great explorers realised their ambition, including Cork's own Pat Falvey and Claire O'Leary.

MISNG THE BACON AND CABBAGE At this stage, I would like again to thank each and everyone made it possible for me to make this trip. My friends who helped set up the 'Go fund me page'. The people of Glanworth and Surrounding area. Thanks to Fitzgibbon's Bar and O'Donnell's Bar. All the musicians who played. Thanks to EIL, and CIT. To the staff at Flynn's Day Today; Nicole, Carmel, Sarah, Anne and last but not least, my own family, without whom I've been keeping up to date with all the happenings at home and taking a passionate interest in the Lions tour of New Zealand and taking great pride in the performance of the team against the mighty All Blacks. We are more than 5 hours ahead of Irish time so it was 1pm when the games began.

I see both the Glanworth hurlers and Cork hurling teams are doing quite well. Mighty work Today, July 17th, we made Irish flags as we were talking about Irish culture and I taught the children to play the tin whistle and with a bit of luck, I might get a few of them to do a bit of Irish step dancing before I leave here.

I have one thing I must do when I get home and that is to get Ber to make bacon and cabbage, as only she can do it, with British queens and loads of gravy.

So, until I see you all again on the first week of August. Slán leath, Amy May Flynn, Glanworth.