Participant Agreement

EIL Volunteer Abroad Predepature Agreement

(to be signed and returned to EIL)


The success of your volunteer programme abroad greatly depends on how you will prepare yourself for this experience. It is your responsibility as a volunteer to prepare yourself as much as possible and EIL will support you in any way we can. We have designed this predeparture agreement which aims to clarify in a concise way your main responsibilities before starting your experience abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any clarifications about any of the items below.

Please sign and return this agreement to EIL.


As a participant in the EIL Volunteer Abroad programme I agree to the following predeparture conditions:

  1. Consult my GP and ask him to fill out the EIL medical form which I will return to EIL; and I accept that this document may be shared by EIL to the host organisaion overseas;
  2. Access professional sources of information on vaccinations and research other health issues related to the area where I am going to volunteer, while making sure I get the necessary vaccinations on time before departure;
  3. Be covered by health and travel insurance for the duration of the programme (available from EIL, if required);
  4. Read and follow the official safety advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs related to the country I am travelling to;
  5. Read and follow EIL general safety advice (in volunteer abroad handbook);
  6. Have a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after departure date) and obtain a Visa if required;
  7. Get information on how to protect my social welfare rights while working in a developing country by reading the leaflet provided to you be EIL  (SW15 Volunteer Development Worker Scheme from the department of Social and Family Affairs and administered by Comhlamh. If necessary complete and return the enclosed VOL DEV 1 form to EIL before departure.
  8. Attend an EIL predeparture workshop;
  9. Read and follow the EIL guidelines on the sue of images and messages in your volunteer abroad handbook and on the EIL website
  10. Read and follow EIL Child Protection Policy (attached in confirmation email);
  11. Read EIL’s Risk Assessment & Crisis Policy and EIL’s Equality and Inclusivity Policy (attached in confirmation email);
  12. Fill out and send the Garda vetting form back to EIL;
  13. Read the Comhlamh Volunteer Charter (included in your pack) and return the included signed sheet (p. 31)
  14. I accept that EIL has the right to cancel my programme if I do not comply with the above conditions;