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  • 2014 Travel Award Winners

Meet the winners of the 2014 EIL Travel Awards

We're delighted to announce the winners of the 2014 EIL Travel Awards. This Summer, we will send 19 people on amazing intercultural learning experiences to locations all across the globe. Most will volunteer, some will share Irish culture while learning about the culture of their hosts and others will experience and learn about youth activism. All will have a Summer of a lifetime!

The Travel Awards aim to provide an experience beyond tourism, an experience that encourages open mindedness, global awareness and self improvement.

Meet the winners of the 2014 EIL Travel Awards

This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary and to mark this, we included TWO special Travel Awards: 

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This year the Earth Day Network are headlining the GreenCities campaign. WHY? Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. As the urban population grows and the effects of climate
Damien Thomson and Kevin Hickey speak with Dil Wickremasinghe of NewTalk about how the EIL Travel Awards can have a very strong impact on participants. They discuss the benefits of travelling and
Last summer I took a plane journey half way cross the globe to volunteer in another country. When I set off on my journey I was hoping to experience something different and unique. My expectations
So this blog has been long overdue, Its just nearly 4 months since I’ve returned to good ole Eire. And today, as I reflect on 2013 I feel now is the right time to look back again on my time abroad.
Hi! Now that the New Year is fast approaching, the Travel Awards once again will open to applications. I suppose knowing this, it has made me reminisce about my time in Vermont. However, I have never