The EIL Travel Awards

New Destinations & New Fully-Funded Opportunities for 2015

A major expansion of the EIL Travel Awards 2015 and we are so excited! Increased by 9, that's now 35 very happy people embarking on funded travel opportunities in summer 2015! 

New for 2015!

And added extras for 2015....

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Meet the winners of the 2014 EIL Travel Awards

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Travel Awards News

Nyasha won an Access Travel Award this year and spent 8 weeks volunteering in Thailand with Art Relief International (ARI). Nyasha worked with children and adults on various art projects aimed at
Finding my feet in Mexico I arrived in Mexico City on June 29th accompanied by three other young Travel Award winners, we were met by EIL Intercultural Learning representative, Zuri. We stayed for
My name is Rachel Maher and I spent eight weeks working as an art relief volunteer on the Art Relief International project under Cultural Canvas Thailand, an organisation based in Chiang Mai,
So it's been about 2 months since I've come back from Germany. This years 'camp' was in a tiny (tiny!) little village called Arendsee, which was situated in the state of Saxony-Anhalt , or rather, '
I have been in Guatemala almost a week already and thought that because I don't start working in my projects for 2weeks that I would have nothing to write about, but I have been pleasantly surprised

Travel Awards Videos

Travelling to Ecuador or to any other country with the hopes of a “cultural immersion” means that you have to have to...
In June 2014, Daniel & four other EIL Travel Award winners departed Dublin Airport for Vermont, USA. They stayed at...
From humble beginnings come great things. In 1964, John McNichols led a group of American students to Ireland, marking...
Brian Hughes , a Cork School of Music student from Dungarvan Co.Waterford, traveled to Ghana with EIL in June 2014 for...
2014 EIL Travel Award winner, Tadhg Moore, describes his experience winning an EIL Travel Award and the 8 weeks he...