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                                 What are the Travel Awards?

They are funded travel opportunities to people who are interested in exploring world cultures and becoming a global citizen. With a wide range of ages and themes, there is a Travel Award for everybody!

New Destinations & New Fully-Funded Opportunities

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Meet the winners of the 2015 EIL Travel Awards

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Travel Awards News

Well, a few days back and I have to say, that was one great experience! In all honesty, it was the experience of a lifetime, and, thanks to my travel journal and many pictures, I will find it hard to
Only three days left in Japan..I can't believe how quickly the six weeks have gone by! And I realise that I completely disregarded my promise to update the blog regularly..I suppose that shows how
Ola is one of EIL's 2015 Travel Award winners. Here he reflects on the impact his project is having on his outlook on life. "So it's been two weeks since I've been volunteering in Cottolengo.
I feel that I have more to say on my experiences and that I want to properly give thanks to those who made GIV so extraordinary. On this trip I met so many new and amazing people, people that have
It’s been over two whole weeks since we were in Vermont but I’m still wishing that I was back there. For some reason I’m tenaciously refusing to believe that I’m actually back home in Ireland,

Travel Awards Videos

Can you beat what these guys have planned for this summer?!?! The EIL Travel Awards winners are flying out in the...
In March 2015 EIL Network Members had the opportunity to interview applicants to win Travel Awards to Mexico, India,...
Will 2015 be your year?! Check out where the EIL Travel Award winners from 2014 got to on their travels! Apply now!...
Travelling to Ecuador or to any other country with the hopes of a “cultural immersion” means that you have to have to...
In June 2014, Daniel & four other EIL Travel Award winners departed Dublin Airport for Vermont, USA. They stayed at...