EIL arrived in Ireland in 1964 and is now recognised as an educational charity. Whilst primarily welcoming international students to spend a secondary school year in Ireland, EIL has also developed expertise in providing educational programmes for older adults through the Road Scholar lifelong learning programme. EIL Explore was established in 1994 to provide scholarships for Irish participants to travel abroad. Since then hundreds of Irish people from all backgrounds have had fully funded intercultural learning experiences around the world

In 2018 both organisations formed a unique partnership in Ireland under the EIL/AFS Ireland flag. The missions of EIL and AFS are aligned although both organisations developed separately. By matching the strong educational and youth focus of AFS, with EIL’s experience of working with lifelong learners, a dynamic new educational not-for-profit organisation emerged. Our organisation is underpinned by the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the understanding that intercultural competencies are key skills in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.

Our mission

Provide intercultural learning experiences that enrich lives and inspire global citizenship.

Our values

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