I, along with my four Irish friends and mentor, have just finished our ninth day, here at GIV. We began our adventure with swimming in the beautiful, local river and berry picking, and went on to enjoy and cherish so many other memories from the classes we have taken and the incredible people we have met. I am both thrilled and saddened by the fact that we only have one day more with some of our friends, as the different international groups begin to part ways. I thoroughly believe that this is the age at which we can make life-long friendships… And I have made many for sure ?

Fourth of July was a huge celebration for everyone (including us non-American students): We walked in the town’s parade and witnessed a fantastic display of fireworks – a day of smiles that will forever remain with me.
Maybe, in a year or two, some of us can celebrate this joyous day together again, wherever in the world of travel we happen to fall.

The end of the beginning
the end of the beginning