I have just arrived in Quito home from the Galapagos, I’ve had a phenomenal four days!!

On our first day we landed in Galapagos and travelled by water taxi to Santa Cruz island. The landscape was like none I had seen before and the weather was beautiful.
Our flight had been delayed, as a result we went straight to Tortuga Bay a beautiful beach where we enjoyed our first swim in the Galapagos and spotted some land iguanas.

The next day we visited the Darwin Research Station which was very interesting and we saw lots of turtles here. In the afternoon we boarded the boat we would be staying on for the rest of the trip.
That night the fun began as we set sail for the Balta Island. Sea sickness is very real as 12/15 of us will tell you… This night was the worst but also funniest night of my life. I remember sitting on the top deck of the boat with Sean and Daniel taking it in turns to lean over the side of the boat.

In the morning we docked at Balta where we were going for a walk. Finally glad to be on stable ground we set off: during the day we saw White Tipped Sharks, Sea Lions and Blue Footed Boobies. Begrudgingly we reentered the boat and after lunch went snorkelling. This was my first time snorkelling and it was magnificent we swam with seals and shoals of fish.

That evening we all took medication and survived the night without a stir. We went snorkelling again and saw sting rays and sea horses.
On one island we saw land iguanas and marine iguanas. We even saw baby iguanas which are camouflaged extremely well. Our last night on the boat we sat on the roof and watched the sunset.
The next morning on a boat tour we saw turtles, sharks, sting rays, pelicans and fridges birds.

My stay in Galapagos was one of the most memorable times of my life!!