Ramiro Jiménez-Jiménez is a poet, actor, director and Spanish teacher born and bred in Quito, Ecuador.
Always smiling, he is the heart and soul of EIL’s language school in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. He never fails to brighten the days of students and teachers alike with his creativity, passion and wonderful sense of humour.
Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be invited to his beautiful home in Quito where he introduced me to many aspects of Ecuadorian culture as well as sharing many stories of his long and successful career. Afterwards he answered some of my questions:

Tell me a bit about yourself

Me llamo Ramiro. Soy profesor de Español y también escribo poesía.
My name is Ramiro. I am a Spanish teacher and I also write poetry.

How long have you been working as a Spanish teacher? What is your favourite thing about your job?

Me trabajado como professor 30 años y lo q’ mas me gusta es una relación humana positive con mis estudiantes
I have worked as a teacher for 30 years and I most enjoy having positive relationships with my students

If you could speak any other language what would you choose and why?

Inglés, porque es una lengua internacional
English, because it is an international language

Ecuador has a very strong culture. Is this important to you? What is the best thing about your culture?

Sí es importante porque me da identidad, y es muy dificil responder el resto!
Yes it is important because it gives me an identity, and the rest is too hard to answer!

Is there anything you don’t like?

Exceso de licor
Too much alcohol

You have also written a lot of poetry, and have had two collections of haikus published. Why do you write?

Escribo porque es un “desafío” y soy persona de desafíos
I write because it is a challenge and I enjoy a challenge

Do you have any favourite writers? Ecuadorian or international

Sí, Nazim Hikmet (Turquía)
Yes, Nazin Hikmet (Turkish)

What is your favourite Haiku that you’ve written?

Tengo 600 jaikus favoritos
I have 600 favourite haikus

Anything else you’d like to add?

Sin poesía el mundo morirá de frío
Without poetry, the world would die of the cold

A vintage jukebox. Example of one of many cultural treasures in Ramiro’s home

One of several published collections of Haikus

One of many projects Ramiro has directed during his career

Some Haikus about time grace the walls of Ramiro’s home