Hello world!

I’m writing from from my hammock in the “jungle” while I am being eaten by mosquitoes. I have 2 infections and with some fabulous people surrounding me, that’s how I am able to write this wonderful update right now. (Thank you Paola ¡!! You are the best  ).

Since being here in the jungle, I truly realise and experience how we take the little luxuries of life for granted. Having an oven, a fridge, or running water not to mention hot water, or being able to put the dirty laundry into a machine seem so distant to me right now. On the other side, here in la Ventanilla people do take care of their beloved village. In tune with nature they recycle, use rain collected water for showers and hand washing. The natural beauty of the place is not polluted with objects that do not belong in it. Crocodiles swim freely as I cross over every day to the eco island that keeps this little community going.

Montse, an amazing and hardworking volunteer has been my help since my arrival. I asked the locals whom I work for for direction but was given no to little information, so I have been relying on her since I moved into my cabin. Thanks to her songs like “te-bote” playing on repeat and became a “brome” to our days. My work so far has involved cutting up fish for baby crocodiles and feeding them and larger crocodiles (not with myself and hopefully it will stay like this, but with fish, thanks God!). I have been liberating baby turtles but my main work day by day is managing 1 month old crocodiles and focusing on their liberation process. This may include scrubbing their pool or checking them every day. Today I was planting trees that are essential for the ecosystem’s survival. Walking and sinking into warm “mud” that had a texture like faeces till our upper thighs… well fun fun fun…


The place’s beauty is indescribable. The stars shine like nowhere else, the milky way is fully visible and has been my comfort so many times. We watch the sunset from the beach and it amazes me every time.

Sometimes we sit by the beach at night, talking for hours with beer or for me with a coconut in my hands, reggaeton music in the background. The vets who are here for 2 weeks have been incredibly nice. They are so caring and helpful. They took me to the doctor when I needed it, took me to their home and showed the real Mexico and exclusive beaches that only locals know of and are not over crowded with tourists.

I have crabs and lizards as my cabin company, usually they are quiet and peaceful however I find myself waking up at night from time to time because of the noises they make when bumping into objects that lie around my room. The sound of the ocean can be heard from my comfy cabin, whispers through the wind. Birds singing in the morning and bats flying at night. Fisherman can be seen early in the morning or early at night catching fresh meals for their families. The waves often burry them, buries them like responsibilities, to provide for one’s family. Pelicans fish next to them, up and down they fly, only if humans could do the same.

I’m getting to know the locals more and more. Learned about Ventanilla’s history the other day and how much it changed through the years. How the people used to live off hunting crocodiles and turtles and now are doing the exact opposite.

I feel so peaceful here, maybe I am adapting to the Ventanillians lifestyle – taking life easy.

My health is also recovering. Day by day, more and more. Bit by bit. Just like my Spanish!