Twenty One days here so far and it feels like, it was only yesterday I arrived in Mexico where I met Valeria, The PEI agent.

Let the Feast Begin

Dublin to Amsterdam to Mexico City – After a long 15 hour flight journey we finally arrived at the Mexico Airport.

The time gave me an opportunity to learn more about my travel companions – Kathleen (Ms. Inspiration), Cathal (Mr. The Know it all), Niamh (Ms. Awesome), Magda (Ms. Right). Sometimes being a good speaker is more important than being a decent listener.

I tried to stream live for the first time at the airport in Amsterdam but it was a disaster. The quality of the content itself was top class filled with dance and laughter. Just one tiny problem, the mic was turned off. So the video lacked the audio part. I’ve never felt more dumb.  Learn from mistakes right? and this was my first in this journey and I’ll be sure to make a new mistake next time…..

Life’s Good

Where do I start?

I think, it’s better if I start from the very beginning of today. Woke up at 6 am and went for a jog with my fellow travel companion Cathal. Needless to say I was unable catch up with him for obvious reasons. I smoked and he, less compared to me, but that’s not the point that I’m trying to state. I got lost on the way back to the hostel. Thanks to Google maps, I was able to find the correct way back to the hostel. On the way back I was stopped by the Mexican police. Long story short – After a very diplomatic discussion about how lost I was and what I was doing in the country, he let me go.

Reached hostel safe and sound, finished my morning chores after which began of what seem to be like a day that was never going to end…..

Stranger Things

Yes Yes, I know it’s only been 3 days (barely) since I updated the last time but I have a lot to cover already.  Right now I’m watching a movie “Stared Away” with Phillip and Loreen. Who are they? Well, for now let’s just say they are people who can understand what I went through when I lost my mobile. How? Yes, you guessed right. They both are victims of pickpockets too.

The work force inside the Casa De Refugidos is awesome but the kind of awesome I can’t seem to understand because of one simple fact – “Hablo poco Espanol”. I wish there was a medicine, which after consumed, lets me speak Spanish fluently.

I was asked to work in the department that assisted the refugees in getting the refugees’ status in Mexico for the next two weeks. It meant a lot of interaction with the refugees and hearing their stories.

One such story is that off Mr. Ian, a refugee from Venezuela…..

Want to know more? Got to wait till I return before I go into the details and tell more about Philip, Lauren, Ian and the other amazing people I’ve met here so far.