If anyone would ask me what is the first thing that comes in mind when they say “Mexico” and I would say “BOCHOOO”. Our first 2 weeks were all about them, we even set up a beetle battle chat group where we would just post selfies that we took with them, it was a competition at first but turned into a fun activity. Bochos you see are beetle cars and Mexico was full of them.

I even ended up in one, in front of a driving wheel. This little car represents Mexico for me and my time that I spent there. The car is petite in size, it is noisy at times but one gets use to it (or tries to anyway). It is different from what I am used to but nevertheless I got excited every time when I saw one and loved them from the start. Somehow it has a comforting look that is so appealing and so cute. You are drawn to it.

Hunting for this little car during the ‘beetle battle’ helped me connect with people and lead me to loveliest people too.

About the Author:

Name: Magdolna Hege
Age: Over 18
Explored: Mexico