I‘m Raphaela (Raphi), I‘m 18 years old and I‘m from Austria.

I‘ve completed my exchange year in Ireland and I lived in Waterford with my Host Family. It was such a nice experience! I love the landscape in Ireland and the people were so nice to me 🙂

I still have contact with my Host Family and with friends from Ireland.
I had 2 host sisters (15 and 19 years old, one of them is one of my best friends now) and a host mum, a host dad and one dog. During the week I was in school and in the evening I watched movies with my family.

On weekends, I always was with my host sister and friends, and on one weekend I was at the Golden Wedding Anniversary for my host grandparents. During Midterm break I was in Galway with friends and it was an unforgettable time:)

I really miss being in Ireland and looking forward to visit my family and friends again when it‘s possible. 🙂