1. Meeting like-minded people 


Arriving at your first EIL pre-departure training alone can be a scary experience – especially with all the feelings associated with the unknown learning journey that lies ahead on your volunteering experience. However, every EIL volunteer can relate to the feeling of acceptance and friendship the minute you walk into the room. You are immediately surrounded by like-minded people, friendly staff and new friends!


2. The Metropole Hotel. 

The Metropole Hotel in Cork is a friend of EIL and EIL volunteers, and is home to the EIL Network weekends. Finding your way to the room (a bit like trying to find the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts) is all part of the fun! Once you are all signed in by your new friends, you are all set for the most fun weekend of learning, creativity, public outreach and networking.


3. Can we go any further in this list without referring to the Millennium Development Goals or the Sustainable Development Goals?!

EIL volunteers know these off by heart! Old school volunteers (like a lot of the EIL staff!) still see the Millennium Development Goals in their sleep – remember when there were only 6 goals?! The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 Global Goals that EIL volunteers and friends are now very familiar with. We don’t think there is one goal left out of the work of EIL volunteers – they have it all covered with their hard work and activism at home.


4. Dinner in Sultan…enough said.


What better way to warm up after taking action on the streets of Cork than dinner in Sultan? Sultan, a Lebanese Restaurant in Cork, is our go-to. We love global cuisine and love to support our friends in Cork who are bringing these beautiful fresh flavours to our city. We would eat their falafel wrap accompanied by a mint tea every day if we could.

5. Adam Peerbux

Adam is the manager of the Global Citizenship Department and has an innate talent for motivating large groups of people. Whether it’s in youth work, with our amazing Volunteers, or with the Glanmire Ladies Football Team, Adam is a master at making people feeling welcome and involved, and instilling a sense of community in everyone.