EIL is one of a small number of organisations in Europe and Latin America to be awarded the prestigious Intercultural Exchange Certification https://iecquality.org/ . To obtain this certification organisations must achieve excellence in five practice areas: Responsible Practice; Safety & Security, Program Development, Monitoring & Evaluations; and Homestays.

The Certification Scheme is the result of a growing concern across the globe about the lack of quality and accountability in the intercultural exchange field. The result is a set of principles and standards designed to strengthen organisations, build trust among partners, funders, and participants, and ultimately promote more impactful and high-quality educational and intercultural exchanges.

Previous awardees are from Germany, Ecuador, Spain, and Argentina. According to Kevin Hickey, CEO of EIL Intercultural Learning, “This is a very significant recognition of the work of EIL Intercultural Learning and testament to the key investments we’ve made in recent years in prioritizing quality, safety and responsible practice in delivering our educational mission. We are very proud of this recognition”.