As our AFS Thai students—Famie, Merlyn, and Kiki—prepare to depart this weekend, we look back on their time with us with pride, joy, and a touch of sadness. It has been an absolute honour to host such warm, engaging, and inspiring young individuals. They have made an indelible mark on our community, and we trust that they will carry many cherished memories back home with them.

During their stay, we were thrilled to organize a special visit to the Cork City Council Chambers, where they were greeted by Lord Mayor Clr. Kieran McCarthy. This memorable opportunity was made possible through our unique partnership with Cork English College, and we are deeply grateful for their collaboration and support.

As our AFS guests bid us farewell, we reflect on the impact they’ve had on our lives and the connections we’ve built. We look forward to staying in touch and hope that their time in Ireland has been as meaningful to them as it has been for us.

Until we meet again, dear Famie, Merlyn, and Kiki—take care, and may your futures be filled with love, happiness, and adventure! 🌟🌟🌟🇮🇪🇪🇪🇮🇪🇪🇪🇮🇪🇪🇪🇪🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇭


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