EIL is a membership based organization and has no shareholders and does not pay dividends. Any profits are ploughed back in to the organization or in to travel awards and scholarships. Anybody who shares the mission and ethos of EIL can become a member of the organization.

Our Vision: “People of different cultures working together to develop mutual understanding and create a fair, cooperative and tolerant world”.

Our Values:

We believe in the transformative power of international intercultural experiences
We believe in the importance of life long learning: education through travel is the cornerstone of all our work
We believe in the capacity of people to effect positive change
We believe in inclusiveness and encourage participation across all sections of society
We commit to the highest standards in all of our work, particularly safety and care
We cherish our not-for-profit status and measure our success by the delivery of social good over commercial profit
We believe that the entire EIL community, and external partners who share our values, have a role to play in achieving our goals