Development Education Workshops

Every year EIL holds workshops on global issues for its members highlighting issues including global poverty, antiracism, trade justice, human righs, gender, HIV&AIDS, and human trafficking and lots more.

Pre-departure workshops

EIL Ireland has developed a unique workshop to prepare their volunteers before leaving for their projects overseas. The Volunteer Coordinator and the Development Education Coordinator together with network members prepare volunteers with an energetic and participative workshop on global issues and volunteering.  Part of the workshop offers the participants an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a volunteer, the positives and negatives, the challenges of living with a host family and the cultural adjustment. The rest of the workshop uses games and activities to help bring attention to the global issues that they will encounter and how volunteers can raise awareness when they come back to their own communities. In the last two years over 200 volunteers have taken part in these workshops and we’re looking forward to reaching out to many more over the next couple of years.

De-briefing workshops for returned volunteers – Welcome Back Days

This workshop offers returned volunteers an opportunity to reflect on their experience of volunteering overseas and share it with other volunteers as well as exploring how they can use that experience to take long term action and continue to be committed in Ireland. This workshop is held every year in September.

What the participants says about the welcome back days:

  • “Great to hear other people’s experience”
  • “Great for allowing you to make sense of your experience with others who have just undergone the same experience/ emotions etc.”
  • “Really good to meet other people who have volunteered, because sometimes friends and family can’t relate”

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