Residential Network weekends

  • Planning for action

In November each year EIL Network members and staff meet for practical and informative workshops, debates and activities on global issues and lots of fun at the network weekends.

Equality Network Weekend
Equality Network Weekend
The next Network weekend will take place in Cork on the 19th and 20th of November. The theme will be Migration.

To sign up, contact us at [email protected].

At the Network weekend you can expect to:

  • Become more informed on global issues: Take part in interactive workshops and learn skills.
  • Get creative: Learn creative ways to campaign using art and drama.
  • Challenge and take action: Speak with people and make your voice heard in an awareness-raising street action.
  • Meet others: Make links and share ideas with other EIL members.
  • Relax and have fun: When the workshop sessions wind down on Saturday night it is time for some music, theatre, dance or movies and to make friends at the Network weekend night event.


What members said about the Network weekends:

  • "Engaging, inspiring, a great way to get to know EIL"
  • "Good to see previous volunteers and hear how they have used their EIL experience since returning"
  • "Brilliant chance to deal with topical issues"
  • "Great fun, great people"
  • "Great chance for all members to get to know one another and feel like they have a useful part to play in EIL"

 EIL members attending a workshop on HIV &AIDS  facilitated by Tara & Sarah, GAP volunteers 2012