Andrew Wood-Martin – Family Life in Ecuador

Andrew won the 2015 Ecuador Travel Award and spent four weeks month learning Spanish, exploring and experiencing Ecuadorian culture, as well as spreading Irish culture.

Andrew’s Travel Award included completing an Action Project, which included:

  • Giving a presentation to 1st & 2nd year students on family life in Ecuador

How Andrew chose his and presented his Action Project:

My action project focuses on something we all have: family. I brought my action project home in the hope that it would help people back home realisehow important family is, and how we shouldn’t ever take it for granted.

My action project was called “Family Life in Ecuador”, where I gave a presentation to 1st and 2nd years in my school describing family life and customs in Ecuador. I compared it back to the Irish family system, and then did a small group activity where my audience themselves compared the cultural differences between the countries.”